Which Door Canopy Is Right For Your Home?

Which Door Canopy

Door Canopy
Door Canopy

Which door canopy is right for you....the majority of distinctive decorations added to a home simply serve one purpose – to add to the visual appeal of the building. However whilst they do add more character, a door canopy serves a useful purpose too.

We’ve all been there at some point, routing round in our pockets for the door key and getting soaked by the pouring rain. With a door canopy fitted over your door, you can take your time finding your keys and sorting yourself out without fear of getting drenched.

Budget is obviously something to be taken into consideration when buying a door canopy, however appearance should be the most important thing. As canopies are available in many shapes, sizes and styles, there are a number of options to consider when it comes to fitting one on your home. Here are just a few of the types of canopies available.


Both popular and recognisable, Tudor canopies are very commonplace, particularly in Britain. Easily recognisable due to their distinctive features, Tudor canopies are mainly made up of wooden beams and white plaster, just as Tudor homes are. Peaking with a triangular roof, these canopies are typically coloured to match the style of the home they are furnishing.


More simplistic in style than Tudor, canopies of the Windsor variety are particularly well-suited to Victorian homes, and those that are small and detached. Their subtle, streamlined style don’t take much focus off the door but still adds a nice decorative accent and serves the purpose of covering the homeowners at the front door. This shingled roofed door canopy is particularly useful for those who don’t want to take too much attention off the existing exterior design on the home.


Perhaps the easiest to erect, these canopies have built-in beams which saves the homeowner or tradesman quite a lot of work. They are also (as the name may suggest) the perfect fit for cottages due to their natural look which ties in nicely above a cottage door.


One of the bigger, more “in your face” options on the market, these are an ideal choice for anyone with a door that would be considered larger than average. More impressively, they also serve another purpose as they allow homeowners to cover larger spaces which can take in windows, patio areas and anything else nearby to the door.


A more rounded topped door canopy than many of the others available, these suit a more classic country home with a Georgian style. Whilst these are extremely reminiscent of decades gone by in British architecture, Georgian canopies still maintain a modern approach to canopies as they offer protection from the extreme weather.

These points should be a good introduction to anyone wanting to install a door canopy on their home, but doesn’t quite know where to start looking. Although there are many more types, and many other factors that should go towards the final decision, the canopies listed here should provide homeowners with a good starting point.

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