Where You Can Add The Most Value With Home Decoration

Add The Most Value With Home Decoration

Most Value With Home Decoration
Home Decoration

From loft conversions to new appliances, windows and internal doorshome decoration and development comes in a variety of scales. When done correctly and in the right places it can, to varying degrees, increase the value of your home.

Whilst creating new space is the most effective way of adding multiple thousands to the value of your property, it takes time, planning and plenty of investment. With banks reluctant to lend and remortgaging deals becoming less and less attractive, smaller scale developments are proving to be more popular.

Here are three ways to add value to your home with simple decoration.

Internal Doors

A door is more than just a way into and out of a room. It is the first and last impression everyone sees. It can create a feeling of expectation and excitement at what is held within or it can create a feeling of trepidation that lasts long after the threshold has been crossed. Todd Doors has the UK’s largest online selection of internal doors so you can find a door that suits your property and your budget.

Window Dressing

From curtains and wooden blinds to solid wood window frames left bare in all their glory, window dressing (or undressing) is a way to finish off a room and bring a theme together. For rooms that are comprised of lots of natural materials – leather sofas, stone or wood floors and exposed wooden beams – leaving the wooden framed windows and glazed doors free from curtains is a great way to show off craftsmanship. However, if you’re home is cosy, decorated with rich fabrics and eclectic ornaments then curtains in keeping with this design add character and atmosphere.

Plants and Flowers

An easy way to inject colour and new life into a tired looking room is with plants and flowers. If you can’t afford fresh cut flowers every week invest in some material fakes. High quality fake flowers are actually hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Plants, particularly perennials, will need very little input from you. Yuccas, palms and cacti don’t need lots of water and thrive in warmer indoor climates. Larger pot plants can add structure and shape to a room especially when combined with a lighting plan that creates shadows and highlights.

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