An Encyclopedia of garden flowers and flower names

garden flowers and flower names
garden flowers and flower names
All over the world, flower garden plants are found in homes with an assortment of vibrant blooms. Learning about the various kinds of popular garden plants and flowers helps you experiment adding them in your own home. From moisture thriving perennial flora and sun-loving annuals and foliage, popular flower garden plants include a wide range of diverse types. This article is your encyclopedia of garden flowers that are popular.

Alyssum - A robust flowering annual, the alyssum grows to nearly a foot in height and bursts with numerous small white blossoms. The aromatic blossoms exerts a pull on pollinators and bees thus making it one of the popular flower garden plants when planted as a buddy to other cottage garden plants. Among the flower garden plants, this one is known for growing fast in spring season.

Aconitum - This is one of the popular perennial flower garden plants and is light and dark blue in color. It can grow 2 ft and more and can be used as a vine in some climates. It needs damp, rich soil, if possible with a little shade. You must plant it at sufficient distance from vegetable garden plants and flowers, as the root very much looks like that of horse radish, nevertheless it is venomous. The seed needs months to sprout so it is better to go for root division.

Bellis - This is another perennial flower garden plant and comes in pink or white color. This flower garden plant grows well in rich, moist soil in shady region. It can be grown in the middle of summer using seed or in September using root division.

Cosmos - These garden plants and flowers have the capacity to grow almost anywhere. Growing from 12 to 4 feet in height, these plants are apt for cutting gardens and are habitually picked out of flower garden plants and employed in floral preparations.

Datura - This annual flower garden plant is white in color and grows to three feet. The Datura must be given sunny atmosphere and high quality soil. You can get it wintered successfully in house to make it bloom earlier the succeeding year.

Echinops - This one is a perennial, steel blue flower garden plant that grows up to four feet. These garden plants grow nicely under the sun when the soil quality is good. These flowers are dazzling as they look like orbs of blue.

Galega - This perennial flower garden plant is either pink or white in color and grows to 3 to 4 feet. It is popular among free-flowering garden plants, and needs rich soil and sunlight. It needs sufficient space to spread and give the best effects, and can be grown using root division or seed.

Hibiscus - This perennial flower garden plant arrives in pink, white or red colors and grows up to four to six feet. These garden plants, while usually growing in swamps, can also grow in dry soil.

Lupine - Another perennial flower garden plant, this one comes in pink, blue, or white and grows to three feet. This flower will grow well in any nicely drained soil, if possible sandy. It must be given a space of one foot, and needs no protection in the winter. To some degree, it is self sowing and may be grown by division of root or from seed.

Morning Glory - A good-looking and tough vine flower garden plant, the Morning glory is grown usually as cottage garden plants all over the globe. In some places, the morning glory vine is actually seen as a pest and is time and again cut back to avoid overgrowth. The morning glory vine fastens itself to anything that can bear its load whether it is a fence or any other flower garden plant. When this happens, they suffocate the other garden plants. Morning glory plants are grown usually as garden plants adding splendor with their colorful blooms.

Marigold - You can see Marigolds in orange, red, yellow, or a mix of colors. These flower garden plants blooms in forty five to fifty days from the day of sowing and doesn't need a lot of watering.

Nigella - These annual cottage garden plants are usually blue or white in color. The only range now acquirable looks to be the one that is 18 inches tall, even though in traditional flower gardens it can be twice this size. You should sow it during May in open space in good soil with 12 inch room between every flower garden plant.

Penstemon - The Penstemon is white, purple, or scarlet and grows up to 3 feet. You can sow these cottage garden plants indoors in March or April, under partial shade and rich soil. They need plenty of non stagnant water. They can be propagated through division or seed and must be covered in chilly weather.

Rudbechila - The most common variety of this perennial flower garden plant is the one commonly known as golden glow and grows to six feet. These garden plants will grow under practically any condition.

Sunflowers - There's no superior plant for flower gardens than this one. Sunflowers come with orange-yellow petals and with a dark circle in the center. These garden plants and flowers have the ability to grow up to 6 feet or more.

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