DIY Renovation Survival Guide!

Never underestimate major renovation works!

underestimate major renovation works
 major renovation works

Below are just a few building and home renovation survival tips to help you get the most from your labors!:

  • Make a plan – Whenever you decide to renovate your home, start by creating a realistic plan that includes a schedule of every task you plan to undertake.

Since you are renovating the house to make it a better place to live in for your family, their comfort comes first. If a certain room needs more time to work on, allot spare rooms for the family to shift, till the renovation is over.

For instance, if you are remodeling the kitchen, make sure you have necessary provisions to cook food in another room.

* Make your decisions BEFORE renovating – Choose all the required equipment and fittings before you start the renovation. Everything from the color of the walls to the color and style of the cabinets should be decided on.

Make sure the job isn’t held up if you don’t have something. After you have everything at hand and a definite plan to execute, avoid making any major changes during renovation. Major changes not only lengthen the process, but also increase expenses!.

* Don't be afraid to seek professional help – Although you have decided to do the renovation by yourself, you can consult a renovation contractor for tips. You would not want to spoil your house in the effort towards making it better. If you end up doing more than necessary, you might actually spend more.

* Yes, Let your neighbors know! – Whenever you decide on renovating your home, make sure the neighbors know. You wouldn’t want to take on any brawls with the neighbors over noise issues.

Take along a basket of muffins or invite them over for a party after the renovation. They will surely be cooperative if you take on a positive and friendly attitude.

* Once you start, time IS of the essence! – Avoid making any major renovations if you are planning to start a new job or have a holiday away during remodeling or renovations. If you happen to have a lengthy renovation, you might end up putting your own job and family life at stake. If at all you have a big renovation project in hand, consider rescheduling your plan.

* Limit the disruption – It is almost impossible to control noise and inconvenience while renovating. You can send the family on vacation or to another house in the city to avoid them undergoing any inconvenience.

Keep little kids away from the renovation as the dust and rubble might cause health hazards. If you cannot shift the family, consider setup up a make shift kitchen in the yard. You can install a small refrigerator, hot plate and microwave out there.

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