Where to Locate Your Indoor Plants

Locate Your Indoor Plants

Locate Your Indoor Plants
Locate Your Indoor Plants

We've all heard the mantra "location, location, location," but did you ever consider the location of your house plants?.

Like any successful business, your plants also rely on location for their success If you've always thought that your lack of a green thumb was to blame for your sorry looking house plants, take a fresh look at the location of your indoor plants.

For example, does your house have a high shelf that's been designated as a plant shelf? These plant shelves are popular in homes with vaulted or cathedral ceilings and plants certainly look attractive up there - until they wither and die due to neglect.

The problem with high plant shelves is that watering the plants becomes far more difficult than when the plants are easily accessible. Unless you're willing to drag out the stepladder every few days, save these shelves for silk plants or other decorative items.

Next, consider the amount of natural light each prospective plant location receives Like outdoor plants, indoor plants need sunlight in order to survive. Garden windows and sun rooms receive plenty of sunlight, but what about the other areas of your home?.

If you regularly draw the blinds in your home office to reduce glare on your computer screen, you maybe depriving your house plants of much needed sunshine. When you purchase a new house plant, pay attention to the sun requirements and place the plant in a suitable location.

Temperature is another concern. Placing plants too close to air conditioning and heating vents could be subjecting them to unnecessary temperature extremes. Likewise, electronics such as home stereo systems and cable TV boxes generate a great deal of heat. Keep your plants away from these items.

If you have small children or pets, keep in mind that many indoor plants are toxic when ingested. In addition, tails wag and chubby little fingers pluck - and your plants are targets! Move your plants out of reach of children and pets but within your own reach for easy watering.

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