Greenhouse Gardening: Planting Vegetables

Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Greenhouse Gardening Tips
Greenhouse gardening

Greenhouse gardening can be accomplished in a greenhouse environment as one can grow exotic plants with beautiful foliage, exquisite flowers and can also take on practical functions. One can start summer annuals and growing vegetables from seeds in the early spring (or fall) and then have well established seedlings to plant outdoors when the weather warms up. In greenhouse gardening, the gardener can also increase his plant collection by propagation of new plants from cuttings and creating new species and even grow greenhouse vegetables to maturity.

With proper climate in the greenhouse, specialized plants such as the tropical plants can be grown under controlled environment and the greenhouse gardener can master the art of how he can grow just about any plant he chooses at anytime of the year.

In greenhouse gardening, two locations are most favored for greenhouse sections which will contain many vegetable plants. One is at ground level against a sunny wall; and the other on an upper level enclosing an existing porch or balcony. A north-facing location I best for very hot areas where there’s plenty of light but less heat. Southern, eastern, and western exposures are better in coastal and other cooler areas and are suitable in hot areas if certain precautions are taken. To modify the amount of heat and light entering the greenhouse section is by coating the walls and roof with a heat-reflecting material such as whitewash, covering with transparent film, putting up shades and ventilating the room.

Another best site for greenhouse gardening too is when there is good daily light throughout the year, adheres to code buildings, giving plants the optimum growing conditions, protection from chronic weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy snow and rainfall and especially letting the gardener works conveniently the whole year round planting vegetables with presentation of the most pleasant appearance in the landscape.

Enjoy your greenhouse plants by boiling, baking or eating them raw! Use a vegetable or carrot juicer and make healthy vegetable juices or smoothies!

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