5 Innovative Landscape Ideas For A Small Garden

Innovative Landscape Ideas For A Small Garden

Ideas For A Small Garden
Ideas For A Small Garden
A large yard is not only difficult to build, but also hard to maintain. So, if your garden is a bit on the small side, it can turn out to be a blessing, since small yards are not only easy to decorate but easy to maintain as well. There must be so many stunning little gardens in your neighbourhood or locality, so why not make yours one of them? If you are scratching your head for some ground-breaking landscape ideas, then go through this article for some gardening inspiration.

Go tropical

If you want to add that exotic feel to your garden, you can opt for bold and tropical bushes. This will not only make your garden look greener, but also bigger in size. Plants with bigger leaves and dense bushes will give your garden the look of a tropical rainforest. So, while you spend time in your garden, you will get the feel that you are thousand miles away from your home. Arrange your plants appropriately in order to create your own mini suntrap to enjoy that late afternoon chill out session with family or friends.

Make Heads Turn

Buy a very attractive centrepiece for your garden in order to create a lovely focal point that will draw the viewer’s attention. You can install a small-sized antique garden statue in the middle of your garden and build circular garden beds around it. Your centrepiece will look more appealing if it is well-contrasted with nearby fences or a feature wall.

Lead somewhere special

A garden looks incomplete without garden paths. So you can create a mini path in your garden that will lead to a magical destination where you will forget all your worries and enjoy the splendour of nature. If you are planning to set up a little oasis or a garden shed, you can also introduce hanging vines in your garden.

Use surrounding areas if possible

If you have some open spaces outside your garden periphery, make them a part of your garden if possible. You can plant heavy growing flora and fauna on the perimeters of your garden in order to complement the rainforest theme of your garden.

Create a separate lawn area

You can also make your garden look bigger by dividing your tiny lawn with the help of a paved path or a long flowerbed. Make sure your flowerbeds are colourful and attractive, since it will further distract the viewers from noticing the actual size of the garden.

Create your own private space

If you have not attended to your small backyard for a long time, and plants in some areas are overgrown, you need not worry about it. You can create a peaceful retreat for you and your loved ones by trimming these overgrown bushes in a strategic manner. New plants can be planted in a way that it will drown out the view of neighbours and even your own house.

Build straight garden beds

You can build straight garden beds till the end of your garden walls or fences in order to create the illusion of a larger space. This is a good way to trick the observer into thinking the horizon is much distant than it actually is.

The above mentioned ideas and tips might help you to turn your shabby backyard into a little paradise where you can enjoy alone and with family or friends as well.

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