How to grow asparagus

 grow asparagus

grow asparagus

Keep these points in mind while you grow asparagus: Asparagus is a stem vegetable and is planted early in the spring. The plant is grown from the “crowns” of year old plants.

  • Dig a shallow pit 6 to 12 inches wide.
  • Remove all the weeds and grass from the soil bed where these crowns are to be planted.
  • About 2 to 4 inch layer of compost, manure, fertilizer, or soil is added to the shallow trench.
  • The crowns are planted 15 to 18 inches apart so that roots can spread while growing.
  • Asparagus grows in swampy and wet places so maintaining soil texture is more important. If these are grown in a dry region, install irrigation or a hose to water the plants.
  • Do not plant any other vegetable in the same soil bed. It will not allow the asparagus to grow.
  • Once the crowns are planted, cover with 2 inches of soil and water immediately.
  • As soon as the steam starts to grow, fill the shallow pit with more soil and leave the stem 4 to 6 inches exposed.
  • Proper care needs to be taken before planting the crown. When the shallow pit is dug add 4 to 8 inch layer of water and fertilizer to it. Do not harvest the plant in the first year; just trim the dead leaves from the plant.
  • Take care of the soil bed by applying fertilizer; it will help to keep away pests like beetles and cutworms which can infect the plants and will keep the soil healthy.

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