5 Signs You’re A DIY Addict

DIY Addict

You’re A DIY Addict
A DIY Addict

There are a lot of people out there that couldn’t think of a better way to spend their weekend than embarking on a new DIY project.

However, for some DIY is more than just a passion, it’s a full-blown addiction…

You Know you’re a DIY Addict when…

#1 – You can’t stop analysing people’s houses

When visiting a person’s house there are some that like to have a rummage through cupboards or make some sort of comment on the furnishings.  However, the only thing a DIY addict will notice is a chipped mantel piece, dodgy wiring, or a door that creaks.  The only problem with this is that it will probably drive you crazy, especially as you can’t go out to your car and get the WD-40 to fix it.  For some odd reason people are often offended if you tell them their kitchen hasn’t been installed properly, or maybe you haven’t quite reached that level yet.

#2 – You have your own ‘work space’

Even if you have a garage the size of a shoe-box, a DIY addict will claim it as their ‘work space’ and fill it as such.  There will be tools, projects, more tools and the odd thing that no-one’s really sure what it’s for, but if they touch it they will be sorry.  No-one truly understands why this space is so sacred to you, especially as you can’t really move around in it, but it’s yours and you feel more comfortable here than anywhere else.

#3 – You carry tools on you (all the time)

So what if you’re an accountant?  Having a screwdriver and some WD-40 (see point number one) with you at all times still makes sense to you.  Everyone may laugh at you for having a mini-tool kit in your car, desk and jacket, but when something breaks they all come running.

#4 – You’ve refurbished your home more times than you can count

Starting a refurbishing project is often dangerous for a DIY addict, as the second you start you will begin noticing other things that also need to be dealt with.  How often have you decided to give the hallway a quick lick of paint and then decided that, in fact, it actually needs plastering, different coving and skirting boards and even a new staircase.  In fact, when was the last time you actually finished a project?

#5 – You’ve considered becoming a professional tradesman

For all DIY addicts there comes a time where they think about making their passion their work and joining the trade industry.  And to be honest why not?  If it’s something you truly love then make sure you get your qualifications and start up your own business.  You’ll never look back and your loved ones will be happy their homes will be left in one piece!

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