How to Grow Raspberry Bushes

Grow Raspberry Bushes

Raspberry Bushes
Raspberry Bushes
I was just picking fresh raspberries growing from some wild raspberry bushes in my backyard. They are fresh and delicious, making me wish I had planted some fruit bushes so I could tend them and get a maximum yield, as some of those poor berries were looking rough and I noticed quite a few pests made  homes on the undersides of the raspberry canes.

You can grow two types of raspberry bushes you can grow — summer and fall ones. Summer varieties wield the most fruit, however. Raspberries come in a red, yellow-gold, purple and black variety.

Planting Raspberry Canes

Raspberry bushes get really tall, so there are a few extra supplies you are going to need:

  • wooden posts
  • galvanized wire
  • raspberry canes (a hardwood clipping of the plant stalk)

Create a tiered framework of galvanized wires with posts that are 2.5, 3.5 and 5.25 feet above ground. Place the posts up to 12 feet apart.

Plant the raspberry canes 18 inches apart in early Spring, or late Fall-early Winter. Cut the raspberry bushes to 9 to 12 inches in height after planting, right above a healthy bud. Make sure you do not plant the raspberry canes upside down.

Harvesting Raspberries

You can harvest ripe raspberries growing from your raspberry bush by Gently tugging the base of the berry, leaving the stalk still attached to the raspberry bush. You will know the raspberries are ripe when they are fully colored, but still firm to the touch.

Freeze the raspberries right away by placing them in the freezer until frozen, and then transfer the berries to a container or freezer bag. Choose slightly under-ripened raspberries for freezing.

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