5 Tips to Help Treat Pet Allergy Symptoms

Tips to Help Treat Pet Allergy Symptoms

Tips to Help Treat Pet Allergy Symptoms
Pet Allergy

We all know that dogs are supposed to be a mans best friend - but what if yours is causing you to cough,sneeze and constantly rub your eyes?.

Dog and cat allergies, or in fact any pet with fur, are the second most common allergy reported and can be amongst the most irritating.

Fortunately, pet allergies are often not severe and can be easily treated. Here are 5 tips to help you beat the symptoms of pet allergies.

1. Recognize Your Pet Allergy and it's Symptoms

The first step to treating the symptoms of pet allergies it to actually recognize you have an allergy to begin with. Do you suddenly feel like sneezing or coughing, or do you become wheezy when you are around animals? Then you notice these symptoms disappear when they are gone. If you do then this is most certainly the reaction of a pet allergy.

2. Get Rid of The Problem

This may sound harsh, but if your pet allergy is severe or it is disrupting your everyday life then it may be time to give your pet up. You can place an ad in your local newspaper offering to give them away to a loving home. Alternatively maybe a friend, relative or neighbor could take them off your hands. If you don't own an animal but have pet allergies then you can simply steer clear of animals. You can do this by crossing the road if you see one or avoid visiting friends with pets.

3. Clean and Bathe Them Regularly

If you simply can't give up your pet pooch, but the symptoms of pet allergies are becoming a bit much you can help by bathing them more often. Pet allergies occur when you are sensitive to the chemicals on an animals skin and these chemicals are spread around by their fur. Therefore if you pet is bathed more often you can reduce the amount of chemicals that end up in the air. You can also help by trimming your pets fur and following some general hygiene rules.

4. Pet Allergy Relief Medication

Another popular remedy for pet allergies is pet allergy relief medication. You can purchase pet allergy relief medication from any drugstore or pharmacy. You may even be able to purchase it online. The important thing to remember with medication is that it won't get rid of your allergy - it will only relieve your symptoms. The underlying cause of your allergy which is the pet dander will still be there.

5. Use an Air Purification System

If your pet allergy symptoms do not go away after the above tips then why not invest in an air purification system. The best type of air purification system to purchase for pet allergies is a HEPA one. HEPA stands for "high efficiency particle arresting" and it works incredibly well by reducing the allergens from the air. This kind of air purification filter is also affective for hayfever sufferers and those allergic to mold too.

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