How to Generate Inner Power

Generate Inner Power

How to Generate Inner Power
Generate Inner Power

Each person automatically has innate inner power. Internal energy is a reserve energy, but in fact this energy reserve is far more than the energy we use to carry out our daily life activities. Physiologically, internal energy comes from the body's chemical elements, namely ATP, which can be converted into energy through the body's metabolic process. The energy it produces is very abundant, even becomes a tremendous force when humans are in certain circumstances such as panic, danger, trance, even a hypnotic state. ATP also functions as a reserve energy, for example after being tired of working, exercising, tense thoughts by taking a short break, the energy will recover. The energy produced by ATP in everyday life is only utilized approximately 2 - 5% and is capable of producing body temperature, body metabolism, activating chemical substances in the body, carrying out the functions of the digestive organs, the activity of all nerves and organs. other bodies. Meanwhile, the energy that is 95 - 97.5% is still stored as abundant energy reserves, hereinafter referred to as internal energy.


 With active and diligent efforts to practice breathing (special), we will be good at managing internal energy such as: generating, controlling, and utilizing this reserve power for various purposes. For example, for healing therapy, medication, self-care, and more importantly, to maintain balance and harmony between physical and mental. The more balanced the harmony between birth and mind, solah with carrying, spirit with knowledge, physical awareness with true feelings, the more effective and efficient the use of energy will be. So that automatically our reserve power will be more abundant. This means that the inner power that we have is getting bigger and stronger whenever the energy is needed. Therefore, a person whose inner power is higher the calmer his character will be. If it is said that someone has a high level of energy but their actions and behavior are felt, wild, emotional, like to make damage and chaos, like jealousy and envy, panasten, I make sure that his internal power is only artificial, aka he only claims to be a high-powered person but in fact he was just desperate capital.

 This can explain why people who are emotional, angry, etc. are so easily hit by internal forces? The answer is none other than because emotional vibrations (lust) are inversely proportional to internal energy vibrations. If there is contact between the two, it is like a short circuit (short circuit) and usually negative vibrations are bounced. The higher the emotional level, reactionary (shock and gossip), the soul is unstable, the mental spirituality is not yet ripe, this condition will destroy the balance and harmony between the body and the mind so that it becomes an obstacle to the development of inner energy. On the other hand, someone who is already good at managing his internal energy to a very high level, surely that intelligence always comes upon a figure who is in harmony and balance between body and soul; valleys manah, has polite satun, virtuous manxana, patient, calm physically and mentally.

 The Air Process Stimulates Internal Energy

 When air is inhaled normally, oxygen is only used to help smooth circulation of the body's blood, accelerate the body's metabolism, and supply oxygen to the tissues of the body's cells including the brain and sungsum with sufficient levels (± 100mlb). The rest is to stimulate the energy that animates the body's activities (within minimal limits), but enough to move the body normally. Meanwhile, to generate energy reserves (internal energy), it is necessary to supply more oxygen and be carried out effectively. The only way is to change the usual breathing technique into energy generating breathing, namely by optimizing the oxygen that enters the body, so that not much is wasted. To generate this energy quickly, oxygen must be circulated throughout the body quickly as well, while the remaining combustion (CO2) must be discharged quickly through the mouth (not through a fart 🙂). When the inner energy has awakened, you will feel a sensation in the form of hot or cold air, tingling sensation, or a gentle blowing of air according to the condition of the body.

 As for the way of breathing, take a deep breath, hold it in the lower abdomen and then exhale through the mouth with a stomping exhale. To make it easier, you can calculate it like this:

  •  Take a deep breath counting between 4-7 quick hints to yourself.
  •  Hold your breath for about 4-7 count.
  •  Exhale your breath quickly in a 2-3 count.

 In principle, you must have a calculated surplus amount for you to store in the body. So the number of breaths must be greater than the count when exhaling. The longer you hold your breath in the stomach, the more oxygen will spread throughout the body. At that time, feel the warm energy that makes you stifling or your body temperature increases. At that time you will start to sweat. If you are playing children's games for example in the Time Zone, you can measure the strength of your punches by playing punches, bits, or some kind of boxing game. There will be a number that shows the strength of your hit. Distinguish the strength of the punch before and when you work on the breath. For beginners, usually the difference in the power of the new strokes can be up to 10-25% greater when you play the breath.

 It is natural that a person who has great internal energy, his body will be strong and may be immune to all kinds of collisions, weapons, diseases and all medical and non-medical disorders, this happens with the presence of excess energy flowing throughout the body in a balanced manner, the cells of the body will be denser and in line, thus making the body more densely filled.


 The essence of breathing practice is to draw as much energy in the universe as possible into our bodies so that it can be used optimally. The breathing technique referred to here is to collect the air core, the air core or what is often called prana. In the Japanese tradition it is called Ki, the Chinese tradition calls it Chi. This air core or prana is united with oxygen and an infinite amount is present all around us. Among them there is what is called solar prana, which is prana that comes from sunlight. This prana has a hot character, can refresh the whole body and provide better health. This prana can be obtained by absorbing light or basking in the sun. Air prana is prana contained in the air or the vitality of the air. Air prana is absorbed by the body by means of breathing. Earth prana, the prana that is contained in the earth, this prana is absorbed by the body through the soles of the feet. Walking barefoot will increase the absorption of earth prana into the body. Trees include earth prana, certain trees (ancient people referred to them as sacred trees) such as large, large and fertile shady trees radiate most of their excess prana. Do not believe ? Try to see for yourself, if you experience fatigue during the day, then resting under a big tree will quickly refresh again, your body feels very comfortable and the longer you feel sleepy a sign of great comfort. Sea wave prana, this type of prana includes a very powerful magical power. Usually, the power institute chooses a beach with big waves as a training place to process internal energy, by absorbing the energy that comes from ocean waves.

 The science of respiration has a tremendous effect on health. By cultivating proper and routine breathing, various diseases can be treated very quickly. Breathing for 60 seconds can relax body & soul and pump O2 (oxygen) to maintain energy into the brain and all our muscles. According to body and soul physiologists; Most of us do shallow breathing through the chest muscles and there is no deep and efficient breathing in the lungs which causes an exchange between the incoming O2 and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) that comes out. When you inhale and exhale deeply from the stomach, blood that contains O2 will flow through the cardiovascular system to improve heart and lung function and deliver additional nutrients to the working muscles. In Javanese terminology, it is referred to as susuh-e angin. Or the nest of the wind, namely as a producer of living energy that generates life.

 Chest Inhalation & Abdominal Breathing
 CHEST BREATH. I try to make a simple analogy, namely when someone is sleeping and while working, so that you can imagine and feel how the difference between abdominal breathing and chest breathing. In simple terms, try to differentiate your breath when working hard, running, and when you are tense. At that time your inflated chest inhales and exhales air. This chest breath is an automatic response when you need a lot of energy for body activities.

 STOMACH BREATH. Feel when your conditions are calm, serene. Or watch your friend who is fast asleep. Then you will see a deflated stomach inhaling and exhaling air. This abdominal breath is what is effective in restoring energy when the body is tired. Belly breath is also effective in gathering energy reserves. When you do meditation, it is this belly breath that has to happen. It's just that there is a difference between the breath of meditation and the breath of inner energy. Meditation doesn't need to hold your breath in your stomach.

 Now, in doing the proper and correct inner breathing exercise, you must breathe like when you are sleeping. Take a deep breath and loosen or expand (swell) your stomach. When you exhale through your mouth, your stomach will immediately shrink again.

 Errors in Respiration

 In various inner power training, I often encounter errors in cultivating the ideal and correct breath. The fault lies in chest breathing. When you inhale, then hold your breath, your chest expands and you definitely feel a sensation of shortness of breath (stuffy). One of the characteristics is if your breathing is not right, when you hold your breath, you will not be able to speak, or your breath will pass through your mouth when you speak. If you have properly processed the stomach breath or the inner exhalation, when you hold your breath you can still speak, and the air will not leak out through your mouth and nose. That's the basic difference.


 Medically, if the inhalation will help the development of lung cell bubbles. The number of bubble cells in the lungs is in the millions, if it could be spread over the area of ​​a football field. The number of diseased lung cells will decrease. With breathing, it will greatly help restore the number of bubbles in the lung cells to return to normal conditions. In addition, with regular breathing exercises, emotions will become more stable under control, so that people who are angry, jealous, envious, always have negative thoughts, are easily irritated, will become more patient, calm, and mature. Emotions become more "smart and mature". Likewise, diseases caused by stress will disappear and turn into self-confidence, peace, and happiness.

 Meanwhile, for those who are already healthy, following breathing exercises will increase stamina, endurance and of course increase productivity and work quality. Even by following deep breathing exercises, the brain's ability related to analytical power and memory will increase sharply. We will also be free from the habit and dependence of using medical drugs. When we are able to optimize this breathing technique, we will have an extraordinary ability, which is able to channel inner energy from our body to other people. In fact, we can treat other people remotely without having to touch their bodies, it can be done only through voice media (voice via telephone).


 Some people equate inner energy or prana with pure air. However, what I have felt and witnessed myself so far is very different, so I can conclude that the inner energy and pure air are very different. It can be said that pure air is the essence of internal energy or energy whose position is radiantly deeper than the inner energy itself. The source of all energy sources in the human body as well as in the universe is what is known as true atma / chayyu / kayun / wood. In Javanese terminology it is known as the true atma or the living energy that gives life to it. Life energy is eternal (lasting tan owah gingsir). Hereinafter referred to as the Mahamulia. The law of cause and effect is known in this universe. Within the framework of the law of cause and effect, true atma is core / central energy which is NOT caused by any cause (Causa Prima). The universe comes from a cause that is not caused by anything (causa prima). Causa prima becomes the true center of atma, as the epicenter of all the epicenters in this universe. It is difficult to imagine what His Holiness would look like and color. The thing that is easier for humans to do is just to feel the life energy. It is difficult to describe and describe the true atma, so people often refer to it as Gusti tan kena kinira, tan kena kinaya ngapa. Unexpected, guessed and suspected. Not everywhere but everywhere. Adoh tanpo wangenan, cedak without rubbing. Far not far away, near not touching. People also name it as Hyang, Dei, God, Puangalah, Allah, God, Brahman, The pie khong, etc. there are thousands more names. But the point is the same, namely to call an energy center that stands alone independently (Almighty).

 Now, Pure Eve that is within us, makes the body come alive, is none other than the emanation of the Mahamulia or Almighty Hyang. Then it is termed a life or soul. When we channel pure air to someone who is in a very critical condition, pure air is like a "chunk" of soul / spirit or "true atma" which we share / transmit to someone we flow with pure air.


 Pure air can function like an inner force. It's just that, the difference lies in the level of benefits. Pure air can be transferred to the body of people who are in a very critical condition, for example experiencing acute trauma that endangers the safety of their souls. It can also be transferred to people whose stamina and health are in a very low state, in a fainting state, even in a deeper condition, namely a coma. When a person is in a critical condition, the most appropriate action to do is not the transfer of internal energy, but the channeling of pure air. This action is like supplying "new life" into the body of a person whose life is almost gone. However, every time you do pure air channeling, it should not be done more than 3 times. Because you can experience fainting until you reach the state of anesthesia (level above death). In fact, it is not impossible that the "distributor" of pure air would die as a result of running out of pure air. Thus I present this article, hope it is useful for all dear readers.
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