Why Dogs Lick?

 Dogs Lick

Dogs Lick
 Dogs Lick

My terrier really loves to lick. Every morning when I wake up (or even before I wake up) she always does lick either my hand or my face. When I am doing work in my home office she tends to lick my legs from time to time. Even when it is chill down time by either watching the evening news or eating my dinner, she is always right beside my leg and lick it. Although this is kind of annoying, I always tend to not really mind that much on the licking and just be happy that it is a cute gesture she is giving. If you have the same experience as with me, then here is an article that explains why dogs lick.

There are many answers to the question why dogs lick much though these answers are not really that concrete for there are many theories that will lead to why this behavior is present with most dogs. A popular answer can lead us back to the days when dogs were not yet domesticated and when they were as one with the wolves. Young wolves tended to lick the face of their mother who just returned home from the hunt to regurgitate some food for them. This is something that most dog owners do not know: when your dog licks you in the face when you return home it does not mean that your dog is giving you a kiss, but your dog is asking you to regurgitate some food for him.

There are other reasons that came up as to why dogs lick. In the morning, dogs lick you while you’re still lying on the bed as a manner of greeting. Dogs also lick to repress itself from biting: dogs back then were trained to lick instead of bite when they are craving for an oral fixation.

See, there are many different reasons as to why dogs lick, but perhaps the most considerable one is they are hungry or they need food. So when your dog presses his tongue on either your leg or your face, prepare him some food then.

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