Not Always Good, Empaths Can Also Be "Bad"!

Empaths Can Also Be "Bad"!

dark empath
dark empath

When talking about empaths, the average person will associate their personality with a good and noble figure because they can understand the feelings of the people around them with love and attention. But, wait a minute!

Some spiritual literature finds the opposite to be true. There are people who are known to be able to understand people's feelings or the energy of their environment, but there are also people who have dark personalities such as psychopaths, Machiavellians, sociopaths, narcissists, and gaslighters.

A study conducted by Marsh and Cardinale concluded that psychopaths also have high levels of empathy. Even so, their aggressive attitude is stated to have nothing to do with their empathic side.

In recent years, various psychological studies have revealed an interesting and revolutionary new personality type, namely the dark empath.

What is a dark empath?

I once met an empath who likes to give, likes to help, and does other positive things that make me feel helped. Unfortunately, as time goes by, his attitude becomes more aggressive and seems like he likes to bombard other people's energy to emphasize his charisma.

Yup, someone can be very pleasant when they first meet other people because they are blessed with the gift of understanding other people's energy or emotions. However, it turns out he has dark qualities and the ability to manipulate emotions, making it difficult for people to oppose him.

Not because he is right, but because many people (especially fellow empaths) actually have difficulty controlling their energy.

This is a typical mysterious or “evil” character who often shows a good heart at the end of the story. For example, Thanos, a super villain who wants to wipe out the universe's population to save the universe. In essence, a dark empath is a personality type who can carry out evil missions for a good (considered good) purpose.

5 Characteristics of a dark empath

A recent study found that nearly 19.3 percent of people in a group of 991 people were dark empaths. This means that there are many dark empaths who may not understand themselves as dark or actually reject themselves as dark empaths.

To understand it better, here are some characteristics of dark empaths that you can find.

1. Extrovert

One of the main character traits of a dark empath is extroversion. They tend to have a lot of social skills, never hesitating to express their thoughts, views, or even perspectives about others.

They can understand a person's emotional state very well, but instead of connecting with them, a dark empath will tend to exploit those emotions.

But, that doesn't mean every extroverted empath is a dark empath, right?

2. Obsessive

A dark empath tends to thirst for power, recognition, and other strengths that are considered meaningful to him. They need these things and want to be leaders or those who dominate.

Uniquely, a dark empath tends not to want to follow other people, but at the same time also does not want to dominate. They want people to recognize their strength, power, or leadership.

Even though they are very obsessive, they have sufficient abilities to develop group goals.

3. A little narcissistic

A dark empath is usually a bit narcissistic. Yes, a little. This can be seen clearly or hidden in his heart and mind. They get hurt more easily, especially when they hear other people say something bad about them.

Apart from being a bit narcissistic, dark empaths also usually hold their self-esteem in high regard, tend to have a superiority complex, can sometimes be stupid, and show high levels of aggression indirectly.

4. Talented

One of the positive characteristics of a dark empath is having extraordinary talents in certain aspects of life. They are also hard workers and don't give up easily, have the ability to make decisions quickly so they are able to become great leaders, understand other people well so they don't experience difficulties in communicating or relating to other people.

5. Manipulators

Emotional manipulation is one of the most dominant traits of dark empaths. They can understand other people's emotions very well, and then exploit these emotions for their own benefit.

Apart from manipulating emotions and making other people feel guilty, dark empaths also tend to like mocking other people to make themselves superior.

These are some of the characteristics of dark empaths that you need to know. Hopefully we won't be included in it, okay?

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