Growing Garden Parsley

One of the easiest plant to grow in your garden is Parsley. It is very low maintenance with parsley leaves being used in many recipes to enhance the taste of your dish. It is most commonly found in English and Mediterranean gardens.

Parsley Leaves 

Soil Type

  1. Well drained, moist soil is a must for parsley. Ensure that if you are growing in containers they have drainage holes and these are not blocked.
  2. Having a soil rich in organic matter with good levels of nutrients should provide a good environment for the parsley to grow in. Should you grow parsley indoors, normal compost should be sufficient.
  3. For the more advanced gardeners, parsley should grow well in soil that is pH6-7.
  4. Parsley require good amount of light and if possible try to put it in a place where it gets around 6 hours of sunshine a day.

Sowing your Parsley Seeds

It is ideal to sow 3 to 4 parsley seeds in the pot and if you're lucky all of them will sprout. It is ideal to grow them indoors at first and then transplant them outside once they have sprouted and reached 8cm. You can then seperate them to one seedling per pot. You can also sow them in window containers.

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