Planting a Vegetable Garden: Step by Step Guide

 Planting a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden

Planting a vegetable garden will never be easier after you’ve read ‘Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual’ by Julie Villani.

Have you ever felt that you could be eating better quality garden vegetables? Better than the ones that are picked green and gas ripened and which are completely tasteless?

Believe me, I’m with you. But, if you’ve ever felt powerless to do anything about it, I have a simple solution for you: grow your own organic vegetables.

Too much work, you say? Right now, there is huge interest from ordinary folk, like you, who want to enjoy tasty and juicy tomatoes again. People who are rejecting the bland, commercially mass produced stuff. They obviously feel that a little effort is worth it and that their family deserve to eat healthier, organically-grown vegetables.

And, you know, it’s really quite easy to plant and grow your own vegetable garden when someone gives you step by step instructions and all you have to do is follow them and you’re there.

That’s exactly what Julie Villani has done with her Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual which you can download immediately. No waiting.

But who is Julie Villani? Well, she is australian (like me) and absolutely passionate about organic food. She is totally qualified in horticulture and has previously operated a nursery. Therefore, she knows what she’s talking about.

This manual is aimed directly at the beginner and guides you smoothly through the process of planning your vegetable garden, feeding your soil, planting using organic seeds, watering, mulching, weeding, fertilizing right through to when to harvest your goodies. Follow the simple and precise steps and you will enjoy healthy and tasty vegetables and herbs in no time.

If you’re into city living, you’ll particularly like the part on Food Gardening in Small Spaces (p.77) where you’ll be introduced to container gardening, popular with those who live in apartments and have limited space.

The manual will set you back US$24 and comes with bonuses worth more than US$64. But it’s worth more than that, so you are getting an absolute bargain.

So, go here for more details and to grab your copy of one of the best guides on planting a vegetable garden for beginners I’ve come across recently.

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