How to garden while living in an apartment

garden while living in an apartment

garden while living in an apartment
want to garden while living in an apartment
Not everyone can afford to live in a house with a big garden. Besides, you may find it more comfortable and convenient to be living in the middle of the city, in your small apartment. The disadvantage of this is that you can’t grow plants in the same way. If you want to garden while living in an apartment, take a look at these tips:

  1. Clear your window. If you have a big closet or a book stand in front of the window, you will have to remove them. One of the most important things that your plants need is light. Make sure that the stand and container you choose is solid and there is a way to water the plants that will not damage your floor or carpet. A waterproof metal-lined box or a plastic one is a good choice. You can place smaller pots in them without the fear of dirt and water escaping. You can also make changes to your plant selection as the spirit moves you.
  2. Bring herbs into your kitchen. Herbs, such as oregano, sprouts or mint are not difficult to grow maintain. Actually, as long as you give them water every day, they will grow and offer you delicious flavors. The easiest thing to do is to put them in your kitchen. In this way you will have them next to you while cooking.
  3. Buy a lemon tree. I bet you never thought about growing trees in your apartment, but this is actually very easy. Lemon and orange trees don’t need a lot of space, as long as they have the right temperature and 12 hours of sun per day. Place them in front of a window, make sure the room temperature is suitable, and give them water every day. After a few months, your apartment will smell extraordinary and you will have easy access to the fresh fruit!

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