Little Info about the Daschund Dogs

Daschund Dogs

Info about the Daschund Dogs
Daschund Dogs

If there is one thing that is really common, it is that dachshund dogs are usually being poked and made fun of because of how they look. They have this very long slender body but with really short legs so short the body of a dachshund almost touches the ground. They may look differently but you will never know that dachshunds are really creative, loyal, and extremely intelligent. They wont be a top favorite dog breed type for hunters during the days if they weren’t really intelligent and limber. Apart from those facts stated, here are some more info about the Dachshund dogs.

Arguably, dachshund originated from Germany and they belong to the hound group (according to the American Kennel Club). Their name is taken from the German origin meaning “Badger Dog”. Their body type was developed that way (long and low to the ground) so that it would be easy for them to get inside badger dens. Hunters would prefer to have dachshunds because it would not be difficult for them to insert inside badger dens and they would become more productive and getting them badgers.

Apart from the badger hunting skills, dachshunds have really strong sense of smell – another feat that hunters really love on a dog. They can track a prey’s trail by just following the smell and they can alert the hunter who is waiting above ground.

But even though dachshunds are really skillful when it comes to hunting, here is a little info you might find really unexpected for a dachshund – they really make great companions for children. This little dog breed type is well loved by children because of its energy and size. But always be reminded to teach your kids not to make fun of the dachshunds especially if they will try to pick him up for it can easily get back injuries.

I hope these little info about the dachshund dogs will help you. Just remember when it comes to choosing a very energetic, social, and skillful dog, then the dachshund dog is best for you.

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