Common Garden Pests in the United States

 Common Garden Pests

Common Garden Pests
Common Garden Pests

The garden is just like another world for the miniature creatures where they live in their own way. We are living on Earth with everything larger in shape whereas the mini-creatures also have their own world in the gardens, bushes and trees. The pests are the inhabitants of such miniature worlds where they rule everything. These pests also have some helpful and some harmful creatures among them. In this post we will talk about common garden pests that are found in the United States specially.

Common helpful pests for gardens

There are some pests that are seen in almost every garden and bush. These insects help the gardeners by eating up the harmful pests. Some of these pests are introduced below –


 If we list the helpful insects, then the first name to come will be Ladybug. These creatures help the gardeners by reducing the growth of the Aphids in the garden. Mostly these bugs feed on pests which have soft bodies. They are easily distinguished by the black spots on their back. They come with different colors but these beetles are mostly found with red or orange colours on their wings.


 Lacewings actually have a soft body but they are voracious despite having such soft body. Their eyes are relatively larger in size. The most remarkable parts of their bodies are the wings which have veins spread over them. These insects are also known as Neuroptera. The way these insects help the gardener is by feeding on the smaller Caterpillars, Aphids, Moths eggs, and Thrips etc.


 It is known that the spiders are parasites. Spiders are found not only in the gardens but also they are found almost everywhere. For the gardeners they are helpful because they control the increase of other pests in the garden. Therefore, if you are thinking of saving your garden then you should sow perennial plants in the garden to create shelters for these spiders.

Tachinid flies

 The most similar members of the fly families are Tachinid flies. Tachinid flies are attracted to flower pollen and nectar. Their arrival in your garden will relatively decrease the worms like cutworms and armyworms. They also feed on caterpillars, moths, and Japanese beetles etc.

Ground beetles

 Ground beetle is another of the helpful insects found in the gardens in United States. They have an attractive blue and black colored body with large legs. They most often take shelter under the rocks and logs in the daytime. The pests that remain in ground beetles favorites list are snails, maggots, cutworms, and slugs etc.

Common harmful pests in garden

So far we have been talking about the pests that help us to reduce the growth of harmful insects in the gardens in US. But before we learn about the helpful pests in the garden we should also recognize all those pests who are harmful to our gardens. Here they are –


 The most harmful insect I have ever seen in my rose garden. These insects move so slowly that you can easily remove them from your beloved rose plants. You can take them in a bottle or pluck them off with your fingers easily.

Japanese Beetles

 Japanese beetles are other types of harmful pests for your rose buds and leaves as they will eat up all the leaves if they are let with a small plant.

Spit bugs

 These bugs come to my garden in the early spring. Though they do not do much harm to my plants but they create something like bubbles in the plant’s body which is not good looking mostly when a guest is exploring your gardens.

There are more names available in such harmful pest’s list, that are most commonly found in the gardens in United States such as House cricket, Cucumber beetles, Earwigs, and Aphids etc. To get rid of these harmful pests in the garden you need to know how to control pests.

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