10 of the Stupidest Pieces of Furniture of All Time

 Stupidest Pieces of Furniture

Stupidest Pieces of Furniture
Furniture design

Furniture design is an art form and while some things are well put together classics, they also have an inevitably stupid side to them we’re looking at the ten stupidest pieces of furniture of all time…things which should work but don’t quite pull their own designs off for one reason or another. You’ve probably got more than one of the list in your own home right now…think about it….is all of your furniture well designed and functional or is some of it a little…lacking in common sense?

Bunk beds

Number one on the list of the most stupid pieces of furniture of all time has to be the bunk bed. Ostensibly it’s a brilliant concept…two beds in one! A great space-saving design which will allow two siblings to share one room whilst not taking up any extra floor space. In reality its far from a great design however; it’s an accident waiting to happen! Smaller children inevitably fall off them whilst older children use them as adventure playgrounds or dens and damage either the beds or themselves. Bunk beds may be practical to a point but they’re also dangerous!

Grandfather clocks:

The symbol of English classical elegance…or just a hulking great clock which is far bigger than it needs to be? The verdict is out but Grandfather clocks are not only unreasonably large, they’re also unsociably loud! Their chimes are disturbing in the daytime and at night they’re enough to drive anyone crazy.

Toy boxes

That’s right…toy boxes! They seem like a sensible idea when you have small children with ridiculous amounts of toys. You’ve got to put all those soldiers and dollies somewhere right? The problems start however when the toy box becomes full…so full that both you and your children forget what’s in there and none of the toys are accessible anymore because all the small pieces have fallen down to the bottom beneath an impenetrable mass of tiny shoes, balls, partly finished jigsaws and something nobody recognises any more. At http://furnitureuk.co.uk/ we’d suggest that you get some shelving and a toy cupboard instead!

Office chairs that spin

Again, like so many other home classics, these chairs seem like a good idea but in practice they’re a nightmare. If you’re sitting down trying to work, the last thing you need is a distraction like a chair that won’t stay still. Children are attracted to them like moths to a light and the moment you rise from your seat, you’ll find it occupied by small people intent on experimenting with centrifugal force.

Fitted Wardrobes

They’re rubbish because they take up half of your room and you can never again reorganise the furniture! That’s never going to be a good idea!

Water beds

Who wants to sleep on a constantly undulating mass of fluid….kind of like slumbering atop a giant blister which is in constant danger of being popped and ruining not only your bedding but also your carpet!

Bedroom refrigerators

Who decided that fridges belonged in the bedroom? Food doesn’t mix well with bedtime and let’s be serious here, the real fridge, the one in the kitchen is just a few steps away and it can hold a lot more!

Glass Display Cabinets

These belong in museums; seriously if the things you have in your home are so precious that they need a sheet of glass to protect them, then consider donating them to the local museum or at least get them insured!

Radiator covers

These aren’t a bad in the traditional sense but the fact that they’re necessary is! Radiators were once things of great beauty…designed to be eye catching and attractive. Those days are sadly gone so we’re left with the option of purchasing yet another thing with which to cover them up!

Cat activity centres.

Seriously. Just let the cat outside.

As mentioned earlier, much of the point of this is to remind people that personal taste is everything…so you happen to adore Grandfather clocks and think radiator covers are the epitome of style…that’s fine! Choose what you like yourself and don’t be influenced by other people, that’s the secret to real style!

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