Planting Roses: Planting Tips

All You Need to Know about Planting Roses

All You Need to Know about Planting Roses
planting roses

One of the most revered of all flowers is the rose; many people who so enjoy the flowers however, have no idea of what steps to take when planting roses.

Roses are favorites for many reasons.  Many color variations, the incredibly heady scent and the visual appeal of a bush covered with lush blooms are just some of the reasons for planting roses in your yard. This flower has been the cause of many perfumes, many quotes and many emotional expressions to be displayed. 

Planting roses can be a simple matter.  A mostly sunny spot in the yard will do just fine; an area that receives at least four hours of invigorating sun rays is best.  Roses love moisture, but not swampy conditions.  There are different methods of building up soil conditions so that they will be rose-worthy, so checking with your local nursery on that fact when choosing your type of rosebush will help the success of your roses. 

What type of roses suits your personality?  There are groundcover roses, bush roses and hedge roses.  Climbing roses versus bush roses will depend on the area they are being planted.  Climbers require some type of structure to lean upon; a wall, trellis, fence, pagoda or other similar structure will provide the stability these beauties need.  Tea roses, miniatures, and hybrids are all terms that apply to planting roses.  Check the pictures on the plants you are considering for purchase; they will provide a picture of the end result and give specifics on the type of rose and the conditions they require to help you make your decision.

A couple of other terms that may be encountered when choosing a plant are either bare-root or container, as they apply to the type of roses.   Bare root roses are the type that might be received from a mail order.  These need to be planted when the plant is still dormant; you will need to know your planting zone in order to follow these specifics.  Planting roses of the container variety is a much easier task; simply dig a hole the same depth of the pot so that the soil level in the ground matches that of the pot.  These types of roses can be planted at seasons that differ from other types. 

Planting roses doesn’t need to be a difficult task.  With so many varieties and hybrids being introduced continually, nurseries generally find that printing explicit directions on the package of the plant helps gardeners to get the most of their rosebush.  By providing full directions on these plant packages, more and more gardeners are discovering that planting roses is becoming an easier and more successful venture than they originally thought it to be.

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