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Organic Food

Organic Food
Organic Food

Organic Food: Why should I go Organic?

Now those of you especially around Sydney would have perhaps seen the rise in the trendiness of organic food. But when a food item you purchase claims that it is 'organic'...what does that really mean? Are you really looking after your health? Or are you simply yuppie-fying your diet?

To be able to be considered 'organic', the food item must have no less than 70% of it's make-up as wholly organic ingredients.

But why even bother eating organic food? Why not just pick up that GE (Genetically Engineered) apple (yes, when you eat food at a supermarket you can count that it is GE unless otherwise specified) ?

Here are 5 reasons why organic is good:

  1. Organic produce is pesticide-free. Even when you wash an apple residual pesticides may remain. (The average GE apple can have up to 30 pesticides on it!!)
  2. It's more nutritious. Up to 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other micro-nutrients.
  3. It simply tastes much better. For real! Give it a try. A good way to do this is buy a tomato from your local supermarket, and then buy an organic tomato (preferably from an organic supermarket)
  4. The chemicals they feed the animals are fed to you. For example dairy cows (ie your milk, cheese etc...) are fed a dangerous level of antio-biotics, growth hormones (especially in chickens), anti-parasite drugs, and many other chemicals daily. This ends up in your system. Ok..Ok.. some of you may be into Horse Tranquilizers (heaven forbid!) but chicken hromones are not something I wanna be dancing around to if you know what I mean.
  5. Organic farms support and nurture biodiversity. This is simply important for a healthy planet.

So eat organic! Trust me, it's better for you, it tastes better, you don't need to eat as much (or so I find, anyway), and you feel better for it (ethically and physically!).

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