4 ways to make money writing articles from home you can start today


writing articles from home
writing articles from home

Make money writing articles

Nowadays, you can make money sitting comfortably at home using the opportunities presented on the internet. One of the ways to make money is by writing articles for websites. Not all websites require any special skills in writing or any professionalism in writing articles to make money. Anyone who is good at English can help someone write articles and make money. You can make money every month with the help of article writing by generating a steady stream of passive income in your bank account. In article writing, you can create your own work schedule. Here are some ways to make money writing articles from home that you can get started today.

1. Write for revenue sharing sites

It is a popular online writing platform. Various websites are available for writing articles that allow people to write articles and submit them. The way to make money from this website is by placing various types of advertisements on the web pages around your written articles. The income generated by this advertisement is shared by this website. The percentage or share of revenue shared varies for different websites. So, you can earn money from your articles according to the performance of your articles, as measured by the number of clicks and page views they generate.

2. Write articles for other people

Many website owners, writers and bloggers are busy writing their own website content. So, they are looking for freelancers who write articles for their website. There are lots of people out there who need fresh content to post on their website and who are geared towards writing in a variety of niches. So, they post jobs for article writing on different article writing websites. You can choose any project for article writing that is available and suits your expertise and that you can deliver on time. After writing the article, your article is submitted for client approval and then you are paid for the work upon approval.

3. Write articles for clients on websites such as freelance with offers

Freelance is a competitive place to write articles on different topics. On this site, you have to bid for various online writing jobs which are posted through clients from anywhere. A client usually provides a budget for his work and an interested writer can bid on the job by setting a price. After that a client who finds your offer attractive and also takes into account your qualifications and reputation, assigns you the job. This process takes time if you are applying for your first job as there is a lot of competition.

4. Residual and passive income methods

Residual income is the second name of passive income which is the income you can earn many times by investing initially in something like effort, money and time. If you have invested once, no further action is required except for occasional participation in money-making activities.

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