Get a used domain to prevent backlinks is important for SEO!



A used domain is a domain that has been used in the past.

When building a new site or affiliate, it is common to acquire a new domain, but in this case it will take at least half a year to rank high in searches.

It is at least one month before search engines index the content information (until it recognizes the site's presence), and even if the content is good quality, there is an engine filter, so three months is a wait-and-see period. Will.

While some used domains may be highly rated, there are many that are out of date and unused, and used domains are attracting attention as a measure to shorten the number of months before appearing at the top of searches. ..

As a benefit of the domain used, you will be able to take over evaluations such as Google page rank, backlinks, category registration.

In other words, if you get an expired used domain that was used in the past, you can take advantage of the half year you see running the new domain with no waste.

In particular, to make affiliates profitable, it is important to take action on outbound and backlinks and improve the quality of the content.

Among them, backlinks are an important element in SEO measures because external sites post hyperlinks to introduce them.

By taking SEO steps on used domains, you can expect faster indexes, increased long-tail access, and increased rankings of your main and sub keywords, so you can target affiliates with common sense. speed.

How to get a good used domain

If you want to get a used domain, usually use a used domain tool or buy from specialized online stores.

It can be free if you search manually, but finding a good used domain with domain strength among countless used domains is as difficult as finding a needle in the vast desert. Lets do it.

A used domain is like a used car of rare quality, making it difficult for an inexperienced person to find it themselves.

You can also use this tool to prevent problems like getting a used domain that hasn't been guarded for years due to a penalty from Google.

You can also buy at specialized online stores.

Especially in the case of a good online shop, it checks data relating to domain strength and reasonable prices.

I would like to know about the data, but for each domain used, valid link and backlink rate (backlinks), original IP distribution rate and low quality link rate, anchor text distribution rate and expiration date, link juice ratio and shelf rank, page rank, etc. We analyze a number of domain strengths and can examine them as needed.

In addition, the prices range from a few thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen, so it can be said that the easiest way to get it is just by paying the price.

To get a used domain, usually use a special tool or a specialized online shop with trade records.

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