Too many low quality backlinks are bad for SEO - backlinks are important for SEO!



"Backlinks" are the most basic and important element of SEO measures.

SEO will work effectively if you can build natural links by setting up backlinks from rich content that is highly relevant to your site or from a custom domain.

However, if you intentionally build low-quality backlinks with the aim of increasing your search display rankings, your search display rankings may be lowered.

For example, if you count the same keywords in link text, write keywords in the same color as the background, or hide them with images, you could violate Google's guidelines and receive a penalty such as lowering your ranking.

In particular, if you use a pool of reciprocal links that have dozens to thousands of sites listed, regardless of whether they are paid or free, the number of low-quality backlinks will increase all at once, which is counterproductive for SEO measures ...

Also, if you build in a way that increases the number of backlinks by as much as a dozen days, the search rankings may go up just at that point, but you might get a big penalty later ...

Instead of trying to increase it all at once, increasing it a little at a time over the long term is effective.

By practicing non-natural methods that Google doesn't perceive as artificial, your site will definitely rank higher.

Excessive backlinks will be penalized by Google

If you add too many backlinks, you may be penalized by Google.

Not only will the search display ranking be lower, but in the worst case, the index can be removed.

In this case, it will be major damage to the site.

The method of cancellation of penalties varies depending on the type.

There are two types, manual penalty and automatic penalty, each with its own characteristics.

Manual Penalty As the name implies, it is done by Google staff.

In this case, you can remove it by investigating site backlinks, rejecting / removing what appears to be spam, and submitting a recheck request from WEB Master Tools. Automatic Penalty This is automatically awarded by the Google search algorithm.

If it is manual, you can get alerts, but if it is automatic, it is difficult to judge because there is no notification, so it is safe to think about countermeasures from an early age.

Low-quality backlinks that build too much can be perceived by the search algorithm as dangerous.

You can avoid automatic penalties by carefully reviewing the content.

In either case, you can recover by taking the initial action, but if it's the first time you try to create rich content and links, you won't suffer any additional damage.

If you make mistakes in your SEO measurements, they can be bad for you, so think about it carefully.

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