People who like to blame others, like to look for "scapegoats", at a time when in solitude he faces his biggest defeat. And at that time no one cared about him anymore.


The struggle for life in this world begins when you enter the age of aqil-baliq, or puberty. With the assumption that the struggle for human life is marked by complete control of the turmoil of negative passions. In other words, Satan has started to work to always tempt human faith. But I personally believe more that the devil is not a supernatural being, but our own negative passions. At first glance my view seems controversial, but you can reflect on my sentence, just look at small children or young children why they are not bothered by "demons", none other than because at a young age, lust has not worked as an adult. Nonetheless, lust is like a double-edged knife, it can have a gentle positive nature but can suddenly turn destructive and the aggressor crushes your conscience. But it is not something you have to fight against and you don't even need to get rid of it from within. Aren't you able to survive because you have biological and psychological passions. You can regenerate thanks to the services of the lust too. Positive lust has served to arouse your desires and desires, to rise up in the spirit of living a better and noble life. It's just that the kind of uncontrollable (negative) lust will become a very powerful crushing machine. Therefore it is necessary to make efforts to control lust as well as possible.

After getting into adulthood, lust begins to work as it should. Then you will have a lot of willpower, wanting a need of achievement to be the best. At first you are not satisfied with the state of life. Dissatisfaction will have an impact on creating various kinds of desires. Desire is a natural state, without a high enough desire for the quality and quantity of life attainment, there will be no motivation to act. You can imagine for yourself what would happen if you didn't do anything about life on planet earth. You don't grow, stagnate, back off, then experience tragic extinctions. Even in spontaneous action there is a subconscious will, for example, you feel sleepy and then want to sleep. You are surprised by the presence of a poisonous snake and then jump in fear. Will or desire is God's formula, or natural law, sunatullah bestowed upon humans. Therefore, the existence of a will or desire is a necessity for humans who dare to live (strugle of life).

At this basic level, the success you achieve accumulates into a burning spirit. The spirit that simultaneously surges within, covers from the heart, mind, then you pledge it aloud, then you manifest it in real action. On the one hand, it becomes an unspoken prayer all the time, as long as you are challenged to manifest your desire. Hunger and wanting to have something (primary and secondary needs), both of which become the main fuel in realizing desires, dreams and hopes. This is how you have come to a good starting point in realizing your desires, desires and hopes. Until then, you do get what you want. Then a sense of satisfaction, marem, pride will be felt. It does not stop there, then you will want to achieve more than you are currently getting.

Contradictory circumstances! In this stage of success you sometimes feel a syndrome of restlessness, confusion, suffering, compared to your previous state of absence. Worries will get bigger just by imagining if you have experienced a fall, bankruptcy, deceived, failure, lost property, serious illness, lost loved ones. To get rid of the anxiety that comes repeatedly, you prepare all kinds of supporting facilities to create calm. So then you are in hegemony (mastery) of your desires which are actually fake like a mirage and fall up and down chasing your own shadows.

All of your desires and desires above are only at the most basic stage, namely physical needs. Then one day you really realize that the success you have achieved does not really make you calm and happy. You realize that what you achieve is not lasting, satisfaction and pride are only temporary. You will be grateful if you realize the reasons for your anxiety, restlessness and worry. Because the light of God's truth has started to penetrate into the consciousness of the heart. You become a very lucky human, because nature cares for you, the laws of nature awaken and guide you so that you move from small achievements but so far you consider a big success in your life. Abundant assets, a life partner that elevates prestige, a throne and a high position, and the sparkling “world jewelry” that you have managed to achieve is a very small achievement or success in the authenticity of life. You should immediately realize that there is a much more valuable achievement in this life, namely the attainment of happiness and inner calm.


The second level where you are jerked awake by an event that hit your previous consciousness. Often it happens when you experience a unique experience (unique experience) or a dramatic event in personal life. For example, you lose property, economic bankruptcy, business failure, lose your position, lose someone you love closest to, fail in business competition or popularity, and you really become a loser. All those things that have been proud and relied on, considered symbols of strength and glory, splendor and success, honor and glory, suddenly fall over and you are totally under. All of this causes you to experience very deep hurt, feeling devastated, discouraged, hopeless, or very emotional rage and so on. Every human being must experience this suffering sometime. Circumstances will make you confused how to plan and act to get out of the problem. You are flabbergasted and then begin to doubt all the knowledge, theories, concepts, beliefs, beliefs that you have embraced and have relied on so far. The situation becomes anomaly, where people feel they have lost their direction and grip on life. You begin to leave the old values ​​behind, while the new values ​​you have not patented as a guide in living a new life that is really convincing. If you are able to rise, first of all will do contemplation, self-criticism, introspection, and find something wrong with yourself, then immediately reset your MIND-SET in seeing what life means. Like the spirit of the renaissance, the revival of Bali is marked by the awareness to start an inner journey, with what is known as "laku prihatin" which can be an acronym for inner pain. Pain as a starting point to inner beauty. Conversely, the signs that you will sink into total failure are when you like to blame others, busy looking for "scapegoats", actively looking for your own truth, need yourself, win yourself. You are reluctant to admit your own weaknesses, instead you come back to blame too bad luck. Where does bad luck come from? From God? No, God should not be made the object of suffering! Bad luck comes from your own carelessness. The penchant for blaming the other party should be stopped immediately. Because it is very, very dangerous for yourself and others. If you can't stop it, just wait until the time when you are alone, will face the biggest defeat. Unfortunately, at that time no one cared about you anymore.

Feed Back

Now the situation has changed enormously, everything you hunt with your zeal like a burning fire and thought to be very happy suddenly feels bland and empty. Everyday life is dominated by feelings of bitter and bitter circumstances. Those of you who want to get up and try to survive and try to change the steering wheel, the hunt switches from chasing glory and something to be proud of to honest efforts. At that moment you step your heart into an inner kingdom that is deep hidden in inner silence. As spiritual and religious knowledge that you have read, heard and know from life stories experienced by others, from friends, from various book references, and humming verses in the Bible. Life changes direction 1800, maybe for people who often interact, see yourself suddenly turned into a pious person and don't want to be adventurous in living this life.

When you walk the path to the inner kingdom, you are sometimes blocked by the biggest obstacle that comes from within yourself. Some people think, some are shocked when they realize how weak, arrogant, arrogant themselves and feel that they have become the truest human being, sure that they have become a pious or solihah human. In rational and mental awareness, people often feel they have reached a high level, feel a lot of experience and knowledge. Then view the knowledge and experience of others as inferior and less qualified. Then comes an attitude of disdain, underestimating the abilities and knowledge of others. Having prejudice, it is easy to unilaterally judge the actions of others, and rush to conclusions about a discourse. That is the greatest weakness of humans, namely when facing an enemy in the blanket of the body in the form of egocentrism which is closely related to negative passions. But one day your life journey will change your mindfulness and mind. Then you feel ashamed and amused by realizing how yesterday and the other day your awareness was very shallow, but instead often portray other people's way of life as a bad and incorrect way. When self-awareness penetrates the ratio, if it is analogized that if you are in a room without sunlight, all objects in the space remain clearly visible from your eyes. But when the morning sunshine breaks into the room, and suddenly you realize that the air in the room is full of dust grains. In the spotlight of the sun that shines through the dimness, you see dense dust grains flying. Then you shudder, feeling the millions of dust entering your nostrils. At that moment you are being awakened from unconsciousness, stared back at by your own inadequacies and doubts. This is the stage that triggers the revolution of consciousness, from rational consciousness (mind) to mental awareness. However, the biggest risk is at this stage. A stage full of dangers and threats.

The movement from stage one to stage two happens thanks to God's grace. It is your "real teacher" who realizes what is wrong with who you are or what you are. God has turned your consciousness toward your own dirty face. You just realize that it has been like a frog in a shell. Like a blind man holding an elephant. The truth and goodness that you know are only partial, and you have made the biggest mistake by daring to conclude or generalize something based on a piece of inaccurate data. To make it easier for me to call it a Doctor who graduated from SD, it is you who judge yourself as someone who is full of knowledge. While you do not realize that the people around you are laughing with amusement at this insane behavior. Furthermore, it depends on yourself, whether you will be able and successful to find a way to proceed to stage three or not. So many people who end up stuck stopping at this second stage, become losers, and just reap life's downturn.

Inevitably, stage two is the stage of selection that you must go through in order to enter into stage three and experience a higher and purer level of success. There are many success stories of big and popular people, which are temporary luck. However, no one can achieve true and lasting success by bequeathing progress and goodness to the lives of all beings in this world, without passing through the crossing of the second path. At this time you have headed for the path of fulfilling your destiny, whether you will fall down, or succeed in reaching a true, free and physically and mentally prosperous life. It is then that you are sitting on an inner throne that is reassuring and blissful.


As a natural law or formula of God Almighty, that something that should be yours cannot be robbed, delayed, or stopped by other people. You know that the source of your success does not depend on any particular person or situation, but on who you are. As long as your actions remain in synergy with God's formulas or in harmony with the laws of nature, it is your oneness that is in God's will or formula, which will lead you to true success. Supposing you are drifting down a river, then the energy leading you to the ocean of fortune is not your will, but the river energy itself has carried you in the right direction. You realize that your actions in the past and today are a determining factor for the fate of your success in the future. In Javanese terminology it is known as tapa ngeli, that is, drifting into the "river" following the flow of water (God's will) in order to meet the "estuary" of successful life, then entering into the "ocean" the true grace of glory, covering both physical and mental. On the contrary, it is action against nature. It is likened to the act of "following the flood", leaving the ocean of grace and misfortune, crashing into the land, causing damage and harming other living things.

Life is not something that is instantaneous, but it requires a long process that requires your carefulness (mindfulness & alertness) in stepping your feet step by step. In order to really be able to distinguish which is "the flood" and which is not "the flood". When the choice falls on the right, good and right path, you carry out your duties and responsibilities according to and in accordance with God's "will" and in turn you put the results aside, time after time. Process is much more important than result. In the "spirituality" of football, it says: the important thing is to play right and be beautiful, about the number two result. Process is a spiritual virtue embedded in the inner kingdom, whereas the score as the final product is matter. Your mind set now understands that a good, precise and correct process is the main asset. Furthermore everything you have done will eventually and will certainly result in material and spiritual perfection.

This stage is an advanced stage of life so it seems strange or impossible to people who are still stuck in the previous stage. But rest assured that this state exists in all humans, who have made the journey to the inner kingdom. And this state resides in everyone's soul. Are you waiting for God's light? Some people are waiting for God's "helping hand", while God's hand is already in your chest and mind. If you are always waiting for the ball, the ball may not come until it dies. God's light is not to be waited on, but must be sought. And only a few people dare to pick up the Divine light that lies deep in the inner spatial system. Most are afraid of doctrines that scare you. Worry will be trapped in astray, fall into the arms of Satan, and fall into hell and so on. The fears and worries that have occupied your subconscious. Yet the devil is nothing but an allusion to your own negative lust, and "hell" has been around since you lived in this world. So, before you embark on the journey to stage three, a catharsis, purification of the will, reprogramming of mind sets to the subconscious is needed.

sources: sabdalangit.wordpress.com

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