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Planning for vegetable garden designs is the first step in starting vegetable garden. Garden designs incorporate deciding about garden fence, pathways, landscaping and stepping stones etc. Bird houses, bird baths etc are also planned during design phase to attract bird and butterflies. All these issues are planned during design phase by looking at the space and location of the garden.

Garden design basically enhances the look of the garden from simple landscape to a beautiful and attractive garden. If vegetable garden designs are good they look very pleasing and enchanting. A well kept garden has well planned and well organized rows of plants and vegetables with perfectly balanced design and color.

There are some popular garden designs and styles like Japanese garden, English garden etc which people generally prefer to follow while designing their garden. You can also incorporate your own personal taste and interests while finalizing the theme of the garden. You should take care that the design which you follow should be equally good for the plants also. The spacing between the plants should be such that each plant gets its share of space.

Vegetable garden designs should be such that it should able to sustain during all seasons. During winter the skeleton of garden is clear as the foliage is not there on the trees so during this time of the year basic planning about shapes etc is easier. During spring you need to focus on warm spots in the garden and accordingly you must make adjustments to your garden.

During summer garden is at its full foliage so the true picture of your garden is apparent during this part of the year. During fall season you can start planning about next year look for your garden. Most of the experienced gardeners plan about the changes during fall season.

It is easier to plan a garden from the beginning when compare to making adjustments to the existing garden. Before actually implementing the ideas try to sketch them on a large sheet of paper and experiment with them by plotting measurements and coloring. More clear sketch you make, more better ideas you will get about your design.

While designing fountains and waterfalls you should make sure that you are not wasting lot of space. Garden pools and fountains etc eat away lot of space and are of little use for the plants. Proper fencing should also be at its place along with watering and drainage system.

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