Reasons as to Why Relatively Few Landscaping Firms Offer Organic Lawn Care Services

Landscaping Firms Offer Organic Lawn Care Services

landscaping firms offer organic
landscaping firms offer organic

There are several reasons as to why relatively few landscaping firms offer organic care services. We will be paying attention to some of these. All that is, of course, against a background where many of the people who venture out in search of organic maintenance services end up expending a lot of time and effort in search of landscaping firms providing such services. That is in turn because such firms (firms providing organic maintenance services) tend to be rather few, and far apart. Indeed, we have even seen cases where people who are determined to keep their lawns free of chemicals end up being forced to do their own maintenance. This happens after they fail to come across firms offering organic maintenance services in their areas. Many such people naturally seek explanations for these states of affairs. And those are the explanations we now attempt to give, as we explore the reasons as to why relatively few landscaping firms offer organic care services. Those include the facts that:

The market for such organic lawn care services is still small. Thus, many firms are afraid of branding themselves as ‘organic lawn maintenance firms’ and ending up lacking clients. They are also afraid of distracting themselves from the provision of ordinary lawn care services, for which there is a lot of demand, in favor of organic lawn maintenance whose demand is still low.

You have to keep it in mind that organic lawn maintenance is usually very involving, and many of the firms which opt to start doing it are often forced to do it exclusively. Many lawn service providers would, of course, not be hesitant to do this if the market for such services was bigger. But the low number of people seeking such services forces the lawn maintenance service providers to simply stick with the provision of ordinary lawn care services.

We also have some firms fearing developing capacity in this area (buying equipment, hiring the right people and so on), only to end up with such capacity being idle most of time, due to low demand.

They lack the expertise to provide the organic lawn care services. You come to realize that majority of the actors in the landscaping industry today were trained well before organic lawn care became the ‘in thing.’ Therefore they lack skills in this area. That lack of expertise subsequently serves as a barrier to their entry into the arena of providing such services. Some of these, fearing the loss of clients to the organic lawn care service providers also go a step further. That is where they embark of ‘propaganda’ campaigns aimed at convincing people that the ‘organic lawn care is not a big deal, after all,’ thus fueling the low demand we see for such services.

They view the switch to provision of organic lawn services as a painful one. We all know that the human nature is averse to change. The truth of the matter is in the fact that the shift from ordinary lawn maintenance to organic lawn maintenance involves a radical change in the manner of doing things. That is uncomfortable, and majority of landscaping firms would rather stick with the old way of doing things for as long as possible. That too, is yet another reason as to why there are relatively few landscaping firms offering organic lawn care services.

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