Get to know the Nearly Extinct Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger
Sumatran Tiger

Indonesia besides having a wealth of culture, natural resources and also has a diversity of animals.  Starting from the Komodo dragon, one-horned rhinoceros, birds of paradise, elephants to the Sumatran tiger.

 The rampant hunting of wildlife, deforestation and expansion of oil palm plantations are thought to make the habitat of the Sumatran tiger increasingly threatened.

 It is known that the Sumatran tiger is one that is endangered.  The population is predicted to be less than 400. The animal with the Latin name Panthera tigris sumatrae is also in the critical status or critically endagered.

 Launching the national geographic, the Sumatran tiger is a subspecies of the original (endemic) tiger on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

 This species is the smallest of the tigers, probably because it evolved in isolated island habitats.

 The stripes of the Sumatran tiger are closer together and their fur is darker orange than the other subspecies, it is better to let them blend into their tropical rainforest habitat.

 Carnivorous Animals

 Like all tigers, the Sumatran tiger is a carnivore.  They will prey on almost any animal available, big or small, including fish, monkeys, wild boar, tapirs, deer and others.

 Sumatran tigers hunt at night and tend to produce about one major kill a week.

 Its running speed can reach nearly 40 miles per hour, but only in a short amount of time, so this animal must make the most of it.  This is what causes the Sumatran tiger to ambush predators, slowly and quietly stalking its prey until it is ready to pounce.

 The loss of the habitat of these animals makes Sumatran tigers have to walk farther just to find food, sometimes even up to 18 miles.

 The way the Sumatran tiger reproduces

 A female is pregnant for about a hundred days before giving birth to one until it is comfortable.  The cubs will cling to their mothers for about two years.  Habitat loss and high levels of poaching are threats facing this endangered animal.

 The threat of the Sumatran Tiger

 Habitat loss and poaching are the two biggest threats facing the endangered Sumatran Tiger.  The expansion of oil palm plantations was the main driver behind the loss of nearly 20 percent of the Sumatran tiger habitat between 2000 and 2012.

 That is the Sumatran tiger from Indonesia which is almost extinct.
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