Dogs Eating Raw Meats: Is it Okay?

 Dogs Eating Raw Meats

Dogs Eating Raw Meats
Dogs Eating
In my own opinion, there is nothing more controversial than letting your dog eat raw food, especially meat. We humans are really giddy on the idea of eating food that are not prepared through cooking. First of all, it tastes really disgusting if you are going to eat, say, a raw ribs – not to mention the funky smell it gives. In addition, raw foods are kind of risky to the health as it can give us a multitude of illnesses such as food poisoning, salmonella, and digestive disorders among others. But since there is an increasing popularity of people letting their dog eat raw food and meats, is this something that you should worry about? Let’s find out if dog eating raw food is just as okay as letting them eat processed ones.

Many veterinarians and pet lovers would go for the idea of letting their dogs eat raw food and meat for this has a lot of benefits. As they say, in the first place long before dogs became domestic animals they eat on raw meat and vegetable scraps in order to survive. Even the racing greyhounds and sleigh dogs have long been fed with raw foods: these reasons are enough for them to determine that dog eating raw meats is okay. On top of all, there a lot of advantages when your let your dog eat meat. The benefits are:

  • Shinier and more polished looking coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Healthier and cleaner teeth
  • Their energies are increased to a significant level
  • They will only have smaller stools

If there are experts, vets, and people who are for allowing their dog to eat raw and unprocessed food, there are also groups of people and experts who are against this kind of practice. For them, this is a bit risky to do and they think that they do not want to let your pet eat something they don’t wanna eat themselves. And letting them eat raw meats also has its own set of disadvantages:

  1. Raw meats are a big threat to the humans, so there is really a big chance that it will be for dogs too
  2. It may damage your dog’s health due to unbalanced diet and/for giving the same for a longer period
  3. Huge raw meats and bones may choke the animal, destroy teeth and even cause internal puncture
  4. There are no scientific evidences that the benefits are real

So is it okay if your dogs are eating raw meats and foods? In my opinion, it is okay to let your dog eat raw meat since they have been living on raw foods back in the days. However you should also be cautious and watch their diet very carefully.

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