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  • Time management tips – Maintain a daily schedule, or to do list, sample shown above.  Prioritize tasks and be realistic about how long each one will take.  Check off completed projects and add to next day any project not completed.   This will reduce the recurrence of deadlines and thereby reduce stress and provide more time for relaxation.
  • Prepare for stressful events – take action by thinking positive.  Make the necessary preparations to prevent last minute emergencies.  I know someone who has their Christmas holiday plans totally finalized — she only has to be concerned about any last minute details.  The same preparations apply to any holiday or celebration, such as birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Learn to relax – take action by deep breathing.  Following these breathing and relaxation techniques will prove beneficial to reducing stress and preventing an anxiety attack.
  • Relax your muscles - take action by stretching which reduces the tension caused by stress.
  • Get active – take action with physical activity which helps to prevent and manage stress, improves your mood and enhances your periods of relaxation.
  • Tell family and friends that you love them; the love you give will come back to you. Love and friends are what make life worth living.
  • Make amends  - take action by resolving any problems you may have caused; saying “I’m sorry” is very healing.  Take action to make peace with your past so as not to ruin your present and thereby reduce stress caused by your negative feelings.
  • Count your blessings - take action by giving thanks each day before going to sleep.  Don’t mull over regrets, mistakes and missed opportunities.  Forget the past and start a new beginning.
  • Work to stop bad habits, - take action by stopping those bad habits, such a smoking OR excessive spending, that hurt those who are close to you.  You’ll feel better about yourself that you’ve taken control of your life.
  • Take time each day to relax, feel and look better, give thought to your own personal needs — you’ll certainly be better prepared for anything life throws your way.
  • Smile and laugh more often.  Laughter is the best medicine.  You can reduce stress by taking time to consider all the good in your life.  It’s there!
  • Life is beautiful; appreciate it as much as possible – have a wonderful journey.  The best is yet to come.
  • Start a diary or notebook - take action to record your daily successes; re-read them periodically.  To get started now, order a journal to record your daily successes, dreams, thoughts, reminders, visit the inspirational gifts page.
  • Manage life stress by having birthday cards available when needed

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