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Garden Tools
Garden Tools 

Before you rush off to the nursery, the novice gardener may want to briefly run through what tools they will need to start gardening.

The tools don't necessarily have to be elaborate, but there are a few essentials that make life in the garden more easy and enjoyable.

This site breaks the tools down according to the type of activity that is to be done in the garden.

There are basically four main activities that you will do in the garden. I'll run through them, and put a checklist of basic tool items that you will need for the actvity.

1. Tilling.

Tilling basically refers to plowing and preparation of soil. Moving the soil around a bit, you know... a shovel is essential

For tilling you will need a spade/shovel. Get a good one, as the cheap ones break, and a good one can last a whole lifetime if you treat it well. You may also want to buy a mattock. These can be useful for digging out the roots of plants. Spading forks are good for aerating soil, and transplanting garden matter such as hay. Crow bars are also good to have for pulling up bedded rocks and nick knacks you may com across whilst digging. And of course, you'll probably be in need of a wheel-barrow at some stage here.

2. Cultivating.

This refers to activities for garden maintenance. Things like weeding and pruning fall into this category.

secateurs are cool You'll do well to geta hoe of some description, for keeping away the weeds. Also for pruning and so on.. you will need secateurs. This item is almost as essential as the spade. A saw is also useful for removing large limbs off trees.

3. Planting.

As the name suggests... basically putting plants in the ground. Trowels are useful for planting window boxes or containers. The above-mentioned spade and crow-bar (useful for planting bulbs) should suffice for much else. watering for the new millenium

4. Watering.

i think you can work this one out Sprinklers, hoses and watering cans, should keep your garden looking fresh. That's all there is to it in the basics checklist. If you have all of these items give yourself a cheer.

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