Two Make It Simple This Beautiful Bathroom

 Two Make It Simple This Beautiful Bathroom


Bathroom Box if the room is beautiful, it was not so difficult. Many of the simple idea that is easy, but the result is “wow.” Two of them were in the bathroom below.

Both ideas percantikannya applied in the shower area. In the first case, see the ground. Usually, only the ground covered with ceramic. The difference with this one. The floor is decorated with a hint of coral. step area shower for what seemed to be a springboard into the wild. Exciting!

But there is one thing that should not be forgotten, if they want to make the bathroom floor, not to mention the shower area, which is always wet. Notice how the water drainage. No, the floor was pretty, uh, even prevent the casting of the sinkhole. Ga desire, right, in order to flood a bathroom, but the intention originally wanted mempercantiknya?

Moving to another idea. The idea that this is going to immediately captivating eyes, because, first came to the bathroom. Yak, right! The next idea is a shower curtain red. How not to be the first concern? The red color of white supremacy all over the bathroom, of course, impressive. If you want to try and make it live again, you can just put a shower curtain of multicolored or patterned. Sure, the bathroom will look different.

Two media set is not empty your pocket. Practices, too. It’s when you get bored and want to change the style, is easy. No need to dismantle anything. There is no excuse for not dressing bathroom.

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