Tips For Creating And Maintaining Gardens

 Tips For Creating And Maintaining Gardens

Maintaining Gardens
Maintaining Gardens

Here are some tips for creating the park and how to treat:

1. Set plants in the garden with the concept of home

* Minimal House plants in Ireland should use the yellow tebebuia, reeds and grass lily green

* House of tropical style, you can use the taro plant, croton, philodendron, palms and frangipani

* A traditional house can use plants in acid or Bali kecik sapodilla

* Park the house can use plants that do not require much sun, yellow palm, transportation and tricolor.

2. The use of natural stone can be done to dispel the impression of monotony in a large meadow

3. The plants should have the room every two weeks

4. Use a fertilizer for crops will not fade

5. For flowering plants, you must use extra nutrients

6. Plant Spray anti-parasites, if you find a parasite on plants

7. Sprinkle the plant in the morning and evening, spray the plant stem and not only to land only

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