Organizing Bathroom Layout

 Organizing Bathroom Layout


living rooms and bedrooms are equipped with furniture that is unique, making it easy for you to change the design of space. This kind of thing very difficult, if not allowed in the bathroom. You need to find things from the beginning. You can always make it easy and involves adding a new accessory, if you refresh the screen.

Necessary to ensure a comfortable bathroom, you need to do some basic things are usually done by professionals. The first step is to describe the plan. This you can use the chart. Define economies of scale. For example, on a scale of 2.5 cm to represent the size of 1m.

In the graph paper, draw a map of space. Mark all features remain, such as doors, windows or holes. After that, specify the location of bathroom furniture. Try to put the furniture you want in different positions to get the effect you want.

Sanitary and bathroom furniture can be arranged so that the design for above. Group of bathroom furniture. Furniture barupa bath or shower can be combined into a single domain. WC in a specific area, sink and storage areas to another area.

For placement of the tub, do not always remember to put a shower in the area of the longest wall. smaller area of the wall can be adapted for bathing. Another good position for the (bath) is close to the wall with a window, or the area under the sloping roof.

If, in the bathroom there is a niche, to maximize its use. Toilet or sink can be placed in the niche. The space can be mounted on a towel or other bathroom accessories.

Although a relatively large room is wet, so they tended to humidity, the bathroom can be located one or two pieces of furniture. For that to choose furniture with an elegant shape that can receive tools and other health facilities. Overstory ceiling unit, which includes two panels open shelves, giving an elegant and stylish. Another possibility that a cabinet to accommodate personal belongings. Washing requires a firm that can be used to accommodate up thing.

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