English Garden landscape design with maintenance info


Garden landscape design
Garden landscape design

Well planned creativity and gardening ideas put together results with a beautiful heavenly garden. Low maintenance landscaping can be simple and elegant pattern with the selection of low maintenance plants. Choose the flowering plants by color and texture to add beauty to your garden. Give a complete look to your garden with apt water structures, lawns and attractive plants that are eye catchy.

Coniferous shrubs and flowering shrubs are best plants with less pruning and watering which takes less time. Choosing low maintenance shrubs like dwarf evergreens and other slow growing plants needs little care and drought tolerant as well.

Easy Gardening Ideas for Home

Garden landscape ponds and design ideas are eternal with the creativity and collection of the variety of species. It is quite common to maintain gardens at home with full of new ideas with never-ending design and landscaping. Decorating the home front and backyard are easy with the help of wide-ranging plants which can blossom on different seasons.

  • The scope of landscape design is based on the designer imagination with varied climate, trend, art or climate etc. with full of life.
  • You can get more ideas from browsing to the topics where there are so many guiding photos and design ideas to carry out and try with your gardening activity.
  • Decide on the available designs or self design your yard. Start collecting suitable materials to fill in your garden.
  • Rocks, pebbles, logs and other natural fillers will help your garden look fresh and innate. Collect flowering plants of varied color and type which can grow at different heights.
  • Once you have collected your materials start you base set up. Choose the soil that are well suited for your plants and set the environment supportive to your plants to stay healthy.
  • Place the plants which need more sunlight at open place while the shade plants within some shelter to protect the plants from more heat.
  • Manure and fertilize your plants at fixed interval of time so that the plants get adequate amount of nutrient to grow healthy. Keep of insects and flies that are harmful to the plants.
  • Automatic watering system can help you save time from watering the plants with the required amount frequently.
  • Set up the garden with full of energy and locate the plants in a stylish pattern collecting colorful plants together with more greeneries.
  • Fill your garden with suitable furniture and lightings to keep it look pleasant all times. Paved walkways can make the garden look neat avoiding grass bed damage over the path.

Garden designs and Patterns

Selecting the right combination of plants, flowers and other greeneries play a major role in setting a neat environment in your garden. Raised bed garden landscape with a well planned structure helps the garden look green and fresh. English garden landscape techniques are also effective in producing the right pattern of garden scape designs for a beautiful lush green environment.

Patios and Decks

Patios and decks leads to a grand new finish with the garden extent to the home on the living room. This is one of the recreations spaced with natural finish to give liveliness to the house with natural touch of greens. Choose the portion of the house that best suits the view for a complete gardening finish to relax and hang out with family.

Check out for the same pattern of design that is similar to your garden space. Bring together some pathway stones and flag stones for a better look linking the garden to your home patio or decks.

Furnishing your garden

Finding suitable furniture for your garden plays a good role to keep you engaged with the garden at relaxation time with the pleasant climate. Choose suitable furniture for your garden that is apt for you garden design. There are a wide variety of furnitures in different materials say wooden furnitures, iron furnitures, concrete or stone seats giving a natural look. Tea time can be spent in the garden with the fresh breeze and greens.

Ponds and Stone

Stoning your garden gives a pleasant natural look along with greeneries and water patterns. Natural ponds and other such water bodies make the garden look livelier with freshness. Garden structured with stones and water is long lasting under harsh weather too maintaining the consistent flushness and greeny look. Garden water bodies can be of pools, waterfalls, fountains or ponds.


Walls and fences help in protection of the garden to be safe and also add complement to your garden design. The walls mark the boundaries and can also hold some pattern of designs matching the garden design.

Lights for garden

Light setting can make your garden look really cool and beautiful at night times, preparing your garden look amazingly suitable for parties and kid's hang out play space. Proper light sets enhance the natural beauty of the garden decorating the garden landscape.


Place some wall hangings or some decorative ceiling hangings if it is an indoor garden to give an attraction. We have several wall decorative pieces at the market to suit your garden adding more volume to your garden's appearance.

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