Benefits of container vegetable gardening and associated problems

container vegetable gardening
container vegetable gardening

Container vegetable Gardening is a form of gardening activity carried out with the use of containers as a substitute of planting in the ground. Traditional way of planting and maintenance was done with the terracotta pots which are now replaced with the development of plastic pots and window-boxes. This pots used for planting plants are referred as flowerpots usually used as ornamental use.

The container gardening is mainly carrier out in places where the soil or the climate is not suitable for the plants to grow. Home plants are grown usually in the container for easy maintenance with sufficient fertilizers and manure suitable for the plant that can not fit the soil type. It limits the growing space with a good appealing look of garden.

Benefits of container gardening

There are so many types in planting techniques associated with the culturing of plants of varied types. There are many such plants grown within the containers such as herbs, decoratives, cactus, small trees, vegetables and some hydroponic plants.

There are so many advantages in taking up the container gardening such as.

Low risk of acquiring soil-borne diseases and infections

  • Mobile plants are more easily maintained with adequate amount of moisture, sunlight and required amount of temperature.
  • Virtually weed problems are being eliminated.
  • Containers help in easy breathing activities by the roots with sufficient air circulation round the pots.
  • It allows movement of the plants along with the containers and can be used as decoratives both inside the home as well as a part of the garden with plant collections.
  • Containers are of varied ranges such s pots, plastics, teacups, window boxes, to automated watering systems. Some of the other places serving the purpose of containers are roof tops, porches, front steps, etc.
  • Re-potting is made easy with the help of container method. As the plants from small pots are moved to a larger one, we choose pots that comfort the roots system of the plants. This re-potting is essential due to root-boundness or pot-boundness.

Container vegetable gardening

Growing vegetables and fruits can be done in any sort of container such as cans, pails, split vehicle tires, feed bags, cement bags, bottle water plastics, gallon cans, cylinder blocks, containers of milk, bamboo, etc can be used. Potting materials are prepared out of certain special leaves and other methods to cultivate vegetables like lettuce, mustard, spinach, tomato, radish, queen onions, beans, etc. Combination of organic as well as inorganic fertilizers helps in the betterment of plant growth depending on the requirements.

Winter container gardening

Container gardening is ideal during winter when one is a hard core fan of gardening. As it does not require much effort in maintaining a winter garden, it can be followed by everyone who is passionate about gardening. It is as productive as in summer and spring when taken care effectively. Winter container gardening is best done when the containers are kept indoors. It is essential for you to carefully plan your garden and decide on the plants that grow well in containers.

Opt for plants that are smaller in size and the examples of such plants are cherry tomatoes, lettuce and bush type beans. After the decision is taken, collect the seeds before winter and start growing them. The soil on which you are about to plant the seeds must retain the moisture and nutrients that the plant needs for a sufficient amount of time. Gardening container strawberries and other such fruits are also recommended with the container methods.

Fill the soil into the containers and locate a place for the plants which has the adequate amount of light and such that there are at least, six to eight hours of sunlight. When this is not possible during cold temperature days, heat growing lamps can well supplement it. Water the plants daily and check for enough of fertilizer fed to the plant in order to provide all the essential nutrients.

Problems run into Container vegetable Gardening

There are certain plants hindering problem faced with the containers too which needs utmost care and focus on the maintenance factors. To keep off the plant from harmful pests and other diseases from affecting them needs analysis on the causes and the preventive factors to be given importance on a long run for a better yield.

Some of the problems need close observations to know about the causes, symptoms and correction of the problem within plants.

Tall but spindly - no production: Plants are suffering from lack of sunlight and nitrogen supply.

Yellowish color change from bottom: poor color, lack of vigor: Plant is supplied with excess amount of water but less fertile. Checking for good drains with normal watering procedure reducing frequency of watering will help plants grow green.

Plants droop: Even at normal condition with correct watering process may leave to drooping or fading of plants due to lack of proper drainage and aeration. Use mixture of organic matters increasing the number of holes for drainage.

Burning leaves: Soil with excess salt may lead to burning of leaves or plant as a whole. This can be prevented with the addition of balancing organic matters to help reduce burns or leach the container with tap water frequently.

Underdeveloped growth: Plants are under grown with pale look and color of leaves. This is due to low temperature and phosphate content. Increasing the level of phosphate in nutrient solution and placed in warm place help to recover from the defect.

Holed leaves: Plants may be infected with the pests. Usage of non-chemical insecticides will help in the reduction of insects.

Spotted leaves: Powdery and rusted leaves with dead dryness holding spots on the leaves are symptoms of plants getting affected with diseases and lack of nutrients. Removal of the affected part and treating with chemical-free pesticide educes diseases.

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