That The Atmosphere Of Nature Bathroom

 That The Atmosphere Of Nature Bathroom


Swimming is in the bathroom a completely tasteless in nature. For those of you who want a natural feel for the bathroom, the inspiration that you can imagine.

When set foot in this bathroom feels watering rough stone coral the floor brush. After showering we feel the cold water from the shower, which is designed as a bath. Not to mention the strong sunlight from the roof of wooden lattice. Do not be surprised if on arrival in the bathroom, your imagination drift into the country. Where people still bathe in the shower next to a river or other water sources.

The atmosphere definitely feels more natural, because the size of the bathroom wall is covered with black natural stone. It also lays down flat. For them, a believer in natural beauty, this bath is for inspiration, not to be missed.

If you decide to adapt it to the bath house, remember to seal the stone with a special coating on the stone. Performing regularly at least once a year. In order to lichens do not grow quickly in the bathroom.

Always prefer a bath with a ball in a shower? Place the barrel instead of a bath. Gayungnya can be replaced by a ball of coconut.

Insert the sunroof does not need mesh timber. Would you replace it with a transparent glass (skylights) can too. However, before deciding to use a transparent roof like this, make sure your privacy is maintained. Do not let the shower activity, too bad, because you’re worried neighbors diintip.

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