10 Questions Before you make a choice in terms of using the services of an architect


Maybe you’ll build a house, and somewhat confused in choosing your dream home architect services. How do you believe, that the architect’s professional enough to help you?

Well the following 10 questions can assist you in determining your choice of Architects.

1. What do you need?

To be sure you need a set of design drawings of the house. Needs of the most generic architectural drawings there are three, namely: the floor plan, picture and image pieces appear.

Do you need a more detailed picture? Namely the details of architecture, detail the structure up to Budget Plan.

You should be quite ready to compile this list to your needs. The consideration, not to when the development process, builders or contractors still save hundreds of questions you need answered. The size of reinforcement steel, the size of ceramics, where the socket, type sills, staircase railings, installation of water dirty / clean, high-water tap, etc, etc, are the kinds of questions no answers on image generic architecture.

2. Do Studio of Architecture / The Architects have enough equipment?

For a variety of answers to those details could be available, an ideal home design is done in teams of at least 4 (four) of expertise namely: 

  • (a) the architect, who designed the concept, floor plans, elevations, and details of architecture, 
  • (b) engineer civilian, who designed the building structure, calculate the design and power structures 
  • (c) estimator, which calculates the amount of material and cost required 
  • (d) drafter or draftsman who translated architects and civil engineers desire. More than that, 
  • (e) the role of interior designers from the beginning involved now, at least to criticize or give reviews the work of architects, will provide its own touch on the final architectural design.

Expensive or cheap services of an architect, to some extent reflect whether the fourth or fifth such skills involved in designing your home.

3. How to explain the stages of the design architect?

Because many questions to be answered in the picture, house design work done in several stages. Generally, this stage consists of: pre-design phase, design development, structural calculation, and calculation BUDGET PLAN.

Ask your architect how the stages will be done.

4. How do you communicate and discuss with him?

Because there are many things in each stage requires your approval, communication and discussion is important. What communication tools will be used? Besides face to face, email, phone calls should be utilized optimally.

5. What will you get from it?

If you expect a complete service from the architect is what you should get: 

  1. Figure generic architecture, printed in the paper A1
  2. One book images of architectural details (
  3. A picture book detail the structure 
  4. one book estimates material requirements, labor and cost 
  5. soft copy of all those images.

6. Is there a written agreement?

Because there are obligations and rights that must be met both by you and the Architect, such agreements should be made in writing in a minimal Contract Employment Agreement contains the following: the scope of work, cost and duration.

7. What is the Architect will review the location?

In my opinion, a complete design may only be made if an architect brings together all the elements in the surrounding environment. Because it come and sees firsthand the location becomes an important first step. . He will see the direction of the sun, the scenery around the house, surrounding buildings, the height of land, neighbors habit left-right, front and back. Good design is design that rests on the ground, not in the clouds the architect design table.

8. How much time to design?

My experience, for designing a complete whole image until the estimated cost it would take not less than 2 months. You should ask this, so you also can customize it with a time of development.

9. Are you able to see samples of his work?

What I mean is not just an example picture looks, or the floor plan. Image examples of these, you can get through Google. But what I mean is 3 bundle / book complete design (architecture, structure and budget plan.) Studio professional architects in general to show examples of the books result of that design. But, of course you cannot borrow any more to make a copy. You would not be served, if asked architects to send a complete sample designs ever made.

Examples of designs that you can see, can reflect the quality of the architect. Not only that, you probably can also weigh your compatibility with him.

10. Is there an “after sales service”?

Although, you have received complete all the required images. Work in the field could lead to things that are unexpected. Shall he be willing to help shed some light or add some image detail is required, if the field needs?

If all questions are OK, and you feel confident, you can drop the selection.

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