Bonsai Style: Determine Result of Quality

Bonsai Style
Bonsai Style

Citra Respati - The beauty of bonsai is viewed from the harmonization among the roots of the stem branches, leaves up to the release of interest on certain types. Of the elements that will membantuk one beauty that must be considered and be one important requirement is the direction of movement of bonsai. Because the direction of motion will determine what themes should we take to further growth.

Quality Bonsai as a whole is seen from the four elements of basic movement, harmony, and the final maturity is inspiration. One of the four basic elements of this motion will occupy the first position as the basis of the formation of bonsai. Its can be described as original characters from one plant. Although the basic motion is a combination of root, stem branches, and leaves but also assess the models and styles of bonsai are formed. There will be a lot of creations that appear especially when backed by high quality going. Because how else will follow the direction of movement of going bonsai.

This step is taken to avoid any conflicting movement which ultimately will reduce the composition of the beauty of bonsai. Bonsai artist level there is no definite grip on bonsai styles including the desired direction of movement. Because as an art product will conform with the aspirations of the master which is different from one another.

The biggest addition to the psychological influence of each hobbyist as well as from other plants are owned. But in general there are several models and styles of bonsai are the basis for movement. Although as a basis for further creative but certainly will not be equal to each other. Because of each one going to bring their own creations.

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