Character of the Color |Homedesign Tips

Character of the Color |Homedesign
Character of the Color |Homedesign

Like humans, the color also has character and personality that make it unique and different from each other.

Did you know color can create a certain impression; it can even affect human mood or feeling? There are a number of colors that can evoke the spirit and there are also colors that can calm the emotions. The increasing boldness of expression has led people to color variation (other than white) was chosen to enliven the residence. But first you should understand things related to the color itself and connect it to your needs and your personality.

Why is that?

Color has a strong influence emotional, can affect mood, and an expression of the character of its inhabitants. Selection of colors to suit your personality and needs can bring physical comfort and mental, and spiritual. Colors can heal and balance the emotions, which in turn will create harmony in the house.

Each color emits wave frequencies of different, interacting with our personality and cause a certain reaction against us. In the world of psychology known as the association of color that indicates that there is a relationship between colors with a certain emotion it evokes. By knowing the nature and character of each color and understand the association between the colors with the mood, you can avoid the occurrence of select colors.

Color Association:

  • Red

Red can generate energy, warm, communicative, active, optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate, sensual and luxurious suggests, increases blood flow in the body and are associated with ambition. Too much red color can stimulate anger and aggressiveness.

  • Orange

Orange has a character similar to red but more feminine and friendly. The color symbolizes the socialization, hopeful and confident, inspiring, vitality and creativity. Can generate positive feelings, happy, cheerful and optimistic, full of energy, can reduce feelings of depression or depressed. Too much orange it will stimulate hyperactive behavior.

  • Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun, sunny, generate energy and mood, vibrant color and vitality, communicative and encouraging self-expression, inspiring, easy to think logically and stimulate intellectual ability (suitable as a color or accent in the study). The use of yellow color that is not quite right it will cause terrible impression.

  • Green

Green is always associated with the refreshing nature color, generate energy and also able member calming, soothing, and balancing the emotions. This color is elegant, encourages feelings of empathy toward others. Shades of green to relieve stress provide security and protection. But unfortunately the color green can also cause a feeling trapped.

  • Blue

Blue cannot be separated from water and air elements, associated with nature, symbolizing harmony, giving the impression of space. Use the blue color to evoke a sense of calm and cool, giving birth to a feeling cool, calm, quiet and peaceful, giving comfort and protection. This color is also associated with ethnic impression, Antic, country style. Strong blue color can stimulate and facilitate intuitive meditation. But be careful, because too much blue can cause lethargy.

  • Purple

Purple close to the spiritual atmosphere that magical, mystical, mysterious, and able to attract attention. Therefore, purple is widely used by the nobility. This color is memorable sensual, feminine, antique, which is also elegant, and warm. Dark purple to emit energy, increase the power of intuition, fantasy and imagination, creative, sensitive, inspired and obsessive.

  • Brown

Brown is a neutral color is natural, warm, grounded and stable, to be more comfortable, giving the impression of graceful and elegant. Can give confidence and a sense of security. Brown is the color that intimate / familiar and soothing, can encourage commitment, but also can be heavy and stiff when too much.

  • White

White symbolizes purity and innocence, provides protection, peace, comfort, and facilitates reflection. But too much white can cause feelings of cold, sterile, rigid and isolated.

  • Black

Black is the color of a strong and confident, full protection, masculine, elegant, majestic, dramatic and mysterious. But the color black is also a symbol of grief and can cause feelings of distress.

  • Gray

Including gray neutral color that can create a serious impression, but also evoke a sense of calm and peace. Another impression of gray, among others, is an independent and stable, creating the impression of silence and wide. Gray can also impress cold, rigid and not communicative.

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