The Positive and Sunny Side of Sunscreen

Side of Sunscreen

Side of Sunscreen
Side of Sunscreen

I am sure you will agree with me that we cannot go anywhere these days without hearing about it, right? A reason I can think of is due to the threat of skin cancer forever looming in the rays of the sun, hence, sunscreen has become a staple of a good skin care regimen.

But the confusing factor is that there are so many different sunscreens out there to choose from, further, questions such as when should we put on sunscreen? What if my skin is darker? Is waterproof sunscreen really waterproof? I believe these are some of the few questions we may have regarding sunscreen.

It is good to know that while some of our cosmetics, such as foundation may contain sunscreen but the SPF power they contain is not going to be anywhere near to what a typical sunscreen can offer us. Obviously we are not going to apply a nice thick layer of foundation, right? Therefore, it is good to use a moisturizer that contains a high SPF sunscreen.

One thing for sure is that sunscreen does have a shelf life, i.e. the bottle we bought last summer will probably not be as good as we need it for today. If we find that our sunscreen is in a different color, drier, or has a different consistency, then we should not hesitate to buy a new sunscreen and toss out the other one.

Usually people with sensitive skin will have trouble using some sunscreens. Fortunately, chemical-free sunscreens have begun to grace the market shelves. In fact, the ingredients that they contain such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide can help keep our skin from becoming irritated while still effective in deflecting the rays of the sun.

For those who have dark skin, and to keep their skin safe, it is advisable to put on some sunscreen, even if they have no burn worries. This is because people with dark skin can still get skin cancer even if they do not burn.

Do get ourselves protect by using sunscreen for a better body, mind and spirit and soul!

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