38 reason to love yoga

reason to love yoga
reason to love yoga

Reason to love yoga

If you are a passionate yoga practitioner, you may already understand the role of yoga, such as greatly improved the quality of your sleep, reduce the number of colds, the people feel more relaxed, practicing a brings your entire spine more energy … …

However, if you tell a novice how to have a role in yoga, you may find that novices do not listen. Their doubts or misunderstandings about yoga, they do not believe that yoga can occur throughout the human body and mind so much change.

When this change, we have to give more conclusive with Western scientific evidence to prove that yoga is beneficial to human health how yoga can help people to treat pain and resist disease. Whether you start practicing yoga, once you understand these, you will have more power to do yoga exercises, and asked the same question next time, you will not tell theory to support your point of view the.

I personally feel have had the therapeutic effect of yoga on people. In 2002, I went to India to investigate the yoga therapy a few weeks ago my right hand have appeared in the status of temporary numbness. My first thought is the worst-case scenario: if a tumor or brain tumor, and then I think the reason that caused this situation, there may be thoracic outlet syndrome, or my neck and chest with nerve blocking phenomena.

Troubled by this situation, I realized that these symptoms will help my trip more meaningful. In my yoga treatment center to visit a different course, you can put yourself out as a case, acceptance of different expert evaluation and treatment of the symptoms, I also happened to be more closely observed them. I can try their suggestions and see which suits me. Of course, this is not a tightly controlled scientific experiment, I know this hands-on exercises can give me a point of never had before to learn.

In fact, my experiment is quite effective. In the vicinity of 维维卡南达 banalore Education Centre, nagarathna and md recommended me yoga Pranayama – imagine that they have the most essence of Reiki breathing to their upper right chest. Treatment includes asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, philosophy lecture and cleaning method.

Chennai in India, Ma Jaya Krishna, and practice in the agmohan near Chennai, where his wife, who taught me to stop practicing in the head and the shoulder stand handstand, so that moderate exercise can be better Pranayama. Pune city in India, the doctor recommended me sakarandikar the rope and a belt to move up my spine to practice, let me open my shoulder ligaments on the back part.

I learned yoga in India, skills, back in the U.S. has been a lot of teacher recommendations, through their own practice, I have chest diseases has been greatly eased. Posture has also been very good improvement, more than a year after that, I almost pain insulation.

Because of his own personal experience, I more motivated to think in India and the West learned about yoga science, how to draw on yoga to help patients combat the disease and the rehabilitation of some of their own views. The following is my experience, the 38 reason enough to put you into the yoga classroom.

1, supple body

Your flexibility will be greatly improved, which is the most important and the beginning of yoga was a benefit. The first class, you may not hand touch toes, not to mention the lower back to the back. But if you stick to it, you will find yourself gradually soften ligaments, and finally, looks impossible position, you can do that. You will also note that physical illness has slowly disappeared. It is no coincidence. Between the muscle and the tibia is often inappropriate to use to bring more pain, for example, the level of tension can lead to ass more tense the knee, and leg muscles are too tight can lead to lumbar spine flat, would bring to back pain. The ligaments and muscles are not flexible, it will cause the body posture ugly.

2, muscle strength

Strong muscles not only look beautiful and to have, they also allow us to suffer from arthritis and back pain can also make you more youthful more robust. By practicing yoga if you become more powerful, your flexibility will also increase; and if you simply go to the gym for some weight training, you may only increase strength, flexibility exercises will not be .

3, a flexible joint

Every time you practice yoga, you will be fully active on your joints. This will prevent your risk of arthritis, but also can enhance the activities of your original cartilage region less activity. The cartilage of joints like a sponge, only when the liquid was squeezed out of them when it have the space to absorb the fresh nutrients. No suitable material, cartilage area often overlooked, resulting in fatigue, and strain it will protect the bones, the same as worn brake pads.

4, a healthy spine

Disc – the shock between the vertebrae organization, stood against the outside world will help the body reduce the nerve pulse time. This is also the site of the spine the only absorption of nutrients. If you had a good basic yoga posture, then they can do after the song, before the song, and to reverse the action, you will improve the disc’s softness.

5, to prevent osteoporosis

A lot of information on the records, weight-bearing exercises to avoid osteoporosis. Many yoga postures require you to lift your body up. Some action, such as dogs and in dogs on the type, can help your arm bones strong. Arm is the most likely site of osteoporosis. A University of California, Los Angeles by the unpublished studies have shown. Long-term yoga can increase vertebral bone density. Magic of yoga, can reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the same time can help save lives bones of calcium.

6, mediation hydrocortisone

Yoga can reduce the body content of hydrocortisone. Normally, the body’s adrenal glands secrete cortisol, the prevention of acute pain, improve immune system function. If every illness, your cortisol levels remained at high levels, they will endanger the immune system.

High levels of hydrocortisone temporarily helps to keep long-term memory, but relatively high levels of long-term hydrocortisone hurt people’s memory will be in serious cases, the brain will be affected. In addition, high levels of cortisol can lead to depression, osteoporosis, hypertension and insulin resistance syndrome. Studies have also shown that high cortisol levels lead to “more eating disorder” (when you are nervous, angry or upset, when it will eat too much.) This will result in abdominal swelling, obesity, diabetes and heart disease and other health hazards.

7, standing tall and straight

Your head like a bowling alley – very big and round very heavy. When it all goes between the vertebrae and shoulder, then on your neck and back muscles of the pressure is relatively small. Head stretched forward a few inches, you will make related muscle tension. If you have been to maintain this position every 8 to 12 hours, will certainly feel particularly tired. The fatigue and fatigue may be more than the only problem. Attitude could lead to ugly back, neck and other muscles and joints problems. When you get older, you body, the neck and lower back, wrinkles will appear, which also can lead to pain and the elderly, or spondylitis.

8, enhanced lymphatic function

When you stretch the muscle contraction and, when you move the internal organs, when you start or end of yoga exercises, yoga can help enhance the lymph (immune cells in a viscous liquid) consumption ability to help the lymphatic system to resist bacteria, the eradication of cancer cells and normal metabolism of cells to remove toxic waste discharged.

9, strong heartbeat

When you often control the heart rate range of aerobic activities, which will help reduce the risk of heart disease and alleviate feelings of depression. However, not all yoga is aerobic activity, but if you practice yoga or Ashtanga flow of Ga, which can raise your heart rate to aerobic exercise levels. But yoga is not even able to mention the level of your heart rate high, it can still improve cardiovascular circulation. Study found that yoga can lower heart rate, increased heart beat persistence, the time in practice, it can expand the capacity of the heart to absorb oxygen – all embody the yoga way of improving aerobic heart. One study found that those who practice pranayama only people who can less oxygen intake to complete yoga practice.

10, relax your limbs

Have you noticed that every time pick up the phone or your steering wheel when the arms are very nervous, did you notice yourself a tight turn on the computer and stare at the screen to face. These unconscious habits of willing can lead to chronic tension, muscle fatigue, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and face of the soreness, mood affect your heart. If you simply adjust their own, perhaps you can relax your tongue and the muscles around the eyes, and slowly relax; and for those for relatively large muscle such as quadriceps, trapezius muscle, the hip muscle You may have to slowly learn how to exercise to really relax them.

11, blood flow smooth

Yoga can keep the blood flow smooth. More precisely, yoga relaxation exercises to help you make better metabolism, especially the hands and feet blood circulation. Yoga can give your cells more oxygen. Those bent posture, is to gut the blood out, while the stretch position is to re-oxidation of the blood flow back through the internal organs. The reverse position is to re-oxidation of the blood flow back through the internal organs. The inverted position, such as head and handstand, shoulder inverted, it is to the thigh and pelvis in the venous blood flow back to the heart, these will be pushed into the lungs where the blood was obtained fresh oxidation. If a person because of heart or kidney problems, which led to swelling of the legs, then contact yoga is very good for him. Yoga can also increase the blood content of hemoglobin and blood-red ball, thus more oxygen into the tissues and cells. This also will reduce the blood platelets and proteins to help reduce blood clotting and stroke, risk of illness.

12, Happy Hour

Unhappy? Then make a lotus sit down, then simply come to a wheel or the Dance ceremony. But things are not so simple. One study found that people who regularly practice yoga will relieve feelings of depression, increased blood levels of serotonin, a monoamine oxidase reduction and oxidation of cortisol levels. Richard davidson University of Wisconsin, found that meditation’s left prefrontal cortex sensitivity to be more intense, a study found that the extent and the joy of their immunity will be higher than normal, long-term practice of the pious and those who are showing more yoga practitioners Surprisingly the left prefrontal cortex response.

13, the ideal body weight

More exercise, and less food – this is the motto of many weight loss. Yoga for help to do both areas, often practice yoga, will help you burn more calories, and your spirit and soul and more on the wide field of vision, you will use a deeper level of thinking to think eating and weight problem. Yoga will make you eat more and more attention and careful.

14, lower blood sugar

Yoga can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels ldl, increase hdl cholesterol. In those patients with diabetes, yoga exercises are usually several ways to reduce sugar in the blood – reducing the body’s cortisol and adrenaline content of cyanide, motivation to lose weight, increase insulin sensitivity, lower your blood sugar. So your blood sugar level drops, your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, the possibility of kidney failure also declined.

15, relaxed body

Yoga encourages you to relax and relieve your breathing, focus on the moment. Adjust the sympathetic nervous system was balanced. Nervous system and calm self-repair feature that rival people breathing and heart rate, lower blood pressure, accelerate the blood flow to the stomach and reproductive organs, so that you get into yoga for relaxation.

16, away from drugs

If your family medicine cabinet looks more like a pharmacy, you may be time to try yoga out. In asthma, high blood pressure patients, mental confusion compulsive patients and diabetes, a study found that link even more to help them reduce the amount of drugs, and sometimes even completely get rid of drugs. You ask what the benefits of less medication? You can spend less money, you will be less side effects and interactions between drugs harm.

17, mentor

A good yoga teacher may do wonders for your health, good teachers not only teach you yoga yoga postures, they will correct the position for you, so your posture is more accurate. With the kind of tone to tell you the truth difficult to understand and help you relax, and features according to your personal contacts to develop your plan. Respect between teachers and the good relationship will help in a very long period of time to improve your health.

18, positive energy

Yoga can help you change your state of life, in fact, this may be its greatest role. tapas, Sanskrit of the “hot” word, meaning fire, it is an important element of yoga. The increasingly heavy tapas are also a great role in life, it can help you overcome inertia, and change your chaotic lifestyle. You will find that do not need to spend too much effort, you have to start eating healthy, exercise more, even after the failure of many can successfully quit smoking.

19, relieves stress

Excessive pressure may cause constipation, ulcers, acute gastroenteritis illness. So if you learn to reduce stress, you will suffer from the pain of torture. As the same manner as any other form of exercise, yoga can relieve constipation, in theory, lowering the chance of cancer Law played a significant role. Because the body rotation and maintain a variety of yoga postures to help accelerate the blood circulation, and excretion of toxic gastrointestinal function. Although the science has not been proven to reverse the action even more the removal of internal body is still considered the most effective way of waste.

20, the charm of imagination

If meditation in yoga or other exercise, you use the idea of ??thinking out of an image, you can make such a change in your body to play a role. Several studies found that, after control of the imagination can effectively reduce postoperative pain and reduce the frequency of headache, and cancer and AIDS patients improve the quality of life.

21, repair the wound of love

“Love” may not control everything, but obviously he can adjuvant therapy emotional problem. Culture between friends, family, as well as emotional support within the community, its treatment and the effect of improving health has long been the repeated verification. A regular yoga practice can help to deepen friendship, increase compassion, and improve your level of calm. The focus of yoga philosophy is not the same harm to others, just want to get what you need, to improve your relationships which are very good.

22, away from the negative emotions

Yoga and meditation can build a good self-perception, and your good self perception is stronger, the more you will be able to get rid of some of the destructive emotions such as anger. Research shows that chronic anger and hostility mood, and smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol has the same will directly cause heart disease. Yoga by enhancing the ability of empathy, so calm down, can achieve significant reduction of the effects of anger. Yoga can also help you in the face of setbacks and bad news, when to stay calm, step back, a distance of life. When you need, you can still make a rapid response to everything – yoga practice can also improve your reaction time – just in reaction time, you start to learn to use a more thoughtful way of looking at the title, to reduce the problem on your own and others harm.

23, a quiet mind

According to Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra” has described it, yoga can control the volatility of thinking. In other words, it reduces the spirit of the people all the negative feelings, including frustration, regret, anger, fear and desire may cause stress. Stress is a very easy to reflect on the various human health problems a thing, including those that cause migraine headaches, insomnia, eczema, hypertension, heart disease. And if you learn to calm mind, you can live longer and healthier lives.

24, yoga lifestyle

Industry yoga (service to others) is an important part of yoga system. Perhaps you are not too many services before the ideas of others, but if you do, your health will indeed be improved. University of Michigan study found that those who can spare one hour a week to practice yoga in the elderly volunteers than the survival rate after 7 years old did not practice yoga twice. Doing good for others, give your life meaning, and when you see other people facing various problems, you will no longer own those problems plagued all day.

25, to appease the power of

As long as you believe you will get better, your body will indeed get better. Unfortunately, many traditional scientists believe, if it is by soothing to play a role in human health the way, and can not prove curative. But most patients just want to recover the body, so if the chanting – that each time you do yoga or meditation before the start and end of the carol to sing – the words to have effect, so even if only to appease the role of it then?

26, sound system

An essential part of yoga – asana, pranayama and meditation – his role with them to improve your health, but yoga’s health toolkit also more than that. Think about chanting, it can breath a long time. It can improve and parasympathetic nervous system balance. When a group of people together to practice yoga, the chanting is a very powerful physical and emotional experience. A recent study showed that when the Dion song chanting yoga can improve metabolism.

27, an active inner

Many of us are suffering from a chronic inferiority complex state, if you’re just dealing with a negative attitude – the abuse of drugs, excessive eating, excessive work, full of the night – will pay a heavy price, regardless of physically or mentally. And if you with a positive attitude while practicing yoga, you will feel it all worth it. May be the beginning everything is just a vague feeling, but then you are very sure that the benefits of yoga philosophy as your teacher has told you so, like, when you are a good divine projection surface. If you often self-reflection and self-improvement with the purpose to practice yoga – and not just think of it as a sport like aerobics – you can help yourself to reach a different level. You will experience feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, heart, mind will become more lenient. Better health is not the ultimate spiritual pursuit. Like a lot of research has repeatedly proved. This is only the effectiveness of a number of yoga.

28, cleansing the body

kriyas, yoga cleansing practice, so yoga is another important factor. It includes a rapid acceleration of clean breathing exercises internal organs. jala netl, it is carried out with a mild saline nasal irrigation for the removal of dust and bacteria in the nose, to prevent mucus formation, side by side dry nasal depression in the dirt.

29, comprehensive health

You already know yoga all the way to improve the physical condition, you may notice there are many places which are crossed. That is because they have a very closely related to each other. Change your attitude, change the way you breathe, change your spermatogenic system, which is the most magical place yoga courses: All things are somewhat related – from your sitting bones into your ankle, from the you to your friends group, from your group to the world. These internal exercises for understanding the essence of yoga is very important. Whole body system, and perhaps also with many individual mechanisms also play multiple roles, so synergy yoga therapy is the most important element.

30, hope of recovery

In traditional medicine, most patients are in the passive treatment. In yoga, you are your own initiative for their own treatment. Yoga gives you tools that let you help yourself change, you may, when the first practice will be able to feel the body’s progress. You may also note that The more you practice, you will benefit more. This result is: The more they care about you will you find more exercises to bring you more progress and change, change of cultivated land has to give you more hope, and hope itself is a therapeutic effect.

31, to drive away the pain

Yoga allows you to reduce physical pain, according to a number of studies have shown that yoga postures, meditation, and their cross-training, can reduce people suffering arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions of torture . When your pain relief, improved mood, you found yourself will become more active. You will not need more treatment.

32, a good sense of space

Regular yoga practice can increase a person’s feeling of space capabilities (feel my body is doing as well as its position in space capacity) and increase the sense of balance. Those poor posture or poor physical coordination, usually have only a weak proprioceptive ability, so they are prone to knee and back pain problems. Better balance means less chance to fall. For those older people, this will make them move more freely independent, intensive care unit without the need to spend their twilight years. For all of us, like to maintain a standing as a tree, then make us feel more balanced and stable.

33, control the body

Some yoga practitioners can use some special way, to control their own bodies, for example, through the nervous system. Scientists have for those who can sense its own special heart rhythm, especially the brain waves generated, while using meditation to raise their hand temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. If they really can do this yourself with yoga magical things, maybe you can learn how to run the pelvis allowed to stay, if you are a insomnia, then you can learn how to ease the mood.

34, adjust blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure problems, the role of yoga is useful to you. Published in the British Medical Monthly “scalpel” on the two articles in hypertensive patients, carefully compare the Tingshi yoga-style on the couch with a simple distinction. After 3 months, contact Tingshi type of patients, their systolic blood pressure dropped 26 points, while the diastolic blood pressure is lowered by 15 points; and had higher blood pressure, decreased after yoga the more.

35, immunity is increased

Asana practice and pranayama has been considered the best way to improve the immunity of two yoga practice, recent research shows that meditation is the way most have the effect of yoga. It is the mode of operation of the immune system has a very significant effect, if necessary, can improve the responsiveness of the immune system (such as re-injection of the vaccine to improve the body’s antibody content), and in the special needs can reduce the ability of the immune system’s response (such as the autoimmune system and then to deal with diseases such as psoriasis, reduce the overly strong immune function).

36, a calm medicine

Motivation is the best way, for fear that too much stimulation and motivation will affect the normal operation of the nervous system. In today’s busy modern life, yoga can provide you with a soothing way. DNA repair and yoga meditation poses, and breathing, are encouraging people to internal feelings of self, which virtually gave the nervous system a rest. Research shows that while there is a benefit of regular yoga practice is to improve sleep quality, which will let you in daily life will not be shown very tense and tired look, thus avoiding a lot of accidents.

37, breathing space

Yoga deep breathing, to reduce respiratory rate, thus increasing the breathing frequency at the same time allows people to get a more balanced state of mind. 1988 published in “Lancet” publication of a study, the professor who brought about because of congestive heart failure in patients with lung problems, how to use yoga in the “full breathing” approach to self-treatment. A month later, their average respiratory rate from 13.4 breaths per minute was reduced to 7.6 times. At the same time, their breathing exercise capacity and blood oxygen saturation has also been significantly improved. In addition, yoga has also been shown to improve a number of lung function, including maximum breathing capacity and respiratory rate and quality. Yoga can also improve the quality of snorting, through heat, humidity, improved air filtration nasal inhalation of dust and dirt to avoid inhalation of the lungs.

38, to enhance memory

yoga is an important concept is to focus attention on the present. Studies have shown that yoga can enhance people’s coordination, responsiveness, improve memory and even IQ. Transcendental meditation, yoga practitioners to practice, to demonstrate the extraordinary ability to solve problems, and they can better access and recall information – perhaps because they are more focused, so just like a video that can be repeated as The place to let go.

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