3 yoga help you lose weight easily

OL are often hard to cut parts of the arm, waist and legs, jade yoga teachers today, the action design is ideal for imprisoned people, and just need to find a strong chair, together with a teacher can learn to do these simple weight loss yoga, to help you easily get rid of body fat!


1, sitting in a chair , legs, feet close together and straight forward, feet Bengzhi, back straight, hands on the thigh.

2, his hands stretched forward, fingers open.

3, breath, body forward, then down, use your hand to grab your ankles, straighten your back as far as possible.

Jade teacher tips: the legs need not be straight, because this action is mainly the back stretch.

This action can also be bent knee to do:

1, sitting in a chair a little, and then press down the body, to stick with your chest thighs, legs, hands hanging on both sides, try to touch the ground.

Jade teachers Tip: This action can stretch the back, while helping to reduce belly fat.

2, tighten the abdomen, legs hard, lift up your feet.

Jade teacher tips: Do not deliberately legs straight forward (because it is not easy to straighten). This action can thin legs and abdomen.

side extension

1, sit up straight, grasp the side (the side bars if there is a chair, you can grab bars), back light Light stick back, not tilted back.

2, lift your right arm and stick to the ear, the eyes looking straight ahead.

3, breath, upper body stretching to the left, stopped about 3-5 seconds, then inhale it back into place when.

4, and then lift your left arm stick to the ear, the eyes continue to look ahead.

5, breath, stretching to the right upper body, inhale it back to sitting position.

Jade teacher tips: when to do this action to relax the shoulders, do not shrug. This action can effectively thin arm extended, while the side waist to lose fat.

expert file

Yu teacher (left ice jade), exposure to yoga in 2006, had to learn to follow the well-known yoga teachers, yoga master physiological anatomy, sports nutrition science, yoga philosophy, had studied the Himalayan system, Pranayama meditation, yoga, chanting, classical hatha yoga, Ai Li Yang Gesheng anatomy, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is currently teaching private education in Guangzhou yoga studio at ease.3 yoga help you lose weight easily 

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