Using Color in Your Landscaping

Color in Landscaping

Color Landscaping
Color Landscaping

Landscaping is sometimes quite confusing. There are so many plants and decorations to choose from, and so many different ideas. Color is something that might be confusing to you, as it can usually make or break a landscape.

First of all, be sure that you are picking colors wisely. Take a look at the color of your home, and make sure that your landscaping materials match. If you have a brightly colored home, such as a bright yellow or blue or orange, be sure that the color of your landscaping materials matches.

If you are going to use color in landscaping, and your home is already brightly colored, it might be best to use a neutral color in your materials, such as grays or browns. If you use materials that are all made up of one or two neutral colors, and your home is brightly colored, the two will offset each other and look nice.

If you have a brightly colored home, you are going to want to avoid using the same bright color in your landscaping materials, as this will be overkill. Using one or two neutral colors will help the brightness of your home stand out and will not overshadow your home.

On the other hand, if your home is a neutral color, or a dull color, such as gray, brown, or white, you might want to use a brightly colored landscaping scheme.

If this is the case, you can pick one bright color to use in landscaping, and buy a few items that are this color or flowers that fit this color. Then, you should use corresponding neutral colors to complement the look of your home.

When you are using color in landscaping, keep in mind that all things have color. This includes flower and foliage, as well as bricks, stones, landscaping materials, or statues and sculptures.

You should try to make all of the colors in your landscaping match, or at least correspond. You should also try to avoid using too many colors, because this will make the outside of your home seem busy and cluttered.

Remember that items should also match in materials. The chrome colors or stone colors should all be the same so that your home looks put together and uniform.

It is just as important to make sure that all of your outside items match as it is to make sure that the items in each room of your home correspond with each other.

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