An Introduction to Solar Energy for Homes

Introduction to Solar Energy for Homes

Solar Energy for Homes
Solar Energy for Homes
The fact that we can get completely free energy from the sun to satisfy our current energy needs is well known by everybody. Sun was used as a heating source for water since the early 1800s. But what have our modern times brought in is the economical solar panel; they have become quite popular among the range of those getting involved in a home DIY project of solar energy for homes.

Through the solar power you can satisfy all the needs presented by your house necessities. The place where you reside, the collectors size, the design of the system, they will all determine the amount of energy your home needs for light and/or heat.

Opting for solar heaters would be one choice made from among a wide range of configurations, styles, complexity, performance level and of course, costs. For heating the water there should always be a back up plan, meaning that some other way is available to provide electricity when there is no sunshine. Not to mention that storage tank, circulating pumps and controls are not available, as well.

Let's see what types of solar energy for homes are there accessible as home DIY systems:

  • Two types of heating devices are there available, they use solar collectors, they have also storage tanks, but there is the need of a pump to put the heated water in a forced circulation. Domestic systems, in their majority are like this.
  • The passive system relies on the fact that the storage tank (through the hot water rising) will be above the collector and once the water flow is transformed then the warmed water will be moved into the storage tank.

How many types of collectors are there?

Several types of collectors are available and they can be purchased within a special kit or specially designed in accordance with the plans provided on the internet or by Solar Energy suppliers:

  1. Flat plat type - a simple type of solar collector consisting of copper pipes inside a rectangular box. Once the solar energy falls on the specific box, the water is warmed inside the pipes before it is sent to storage tank.
  2. Evacuated tube type collector - is the type of enclosing tubes in the format of vacuum flasks. This structure of a recipient will allow these tubes to keep the heat of the system as long as possible. In this way the system becomes more efficient and with more money saving.
  3. The all-in-one type of home solar energy collector - this one stores the water that was heated inside the collectors getting it ready to be used. They look perfect for smaller houses and warmer climates in order not to be exposed to freezing.

These collectors are installed right up on the roofs, in many cases, because this is the place that is more exposed to the sun capture. If you plan to get involved in a home DIY project related to solar energy for homes, then consider being well informed in regard to the details described above to make sure that you make the right choice for your house needs.

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