An Introduction To DIY Rose Gardening

Introduction To DIY Rose Gardening

To DIY Rose Gardening
DIY Rose Gardening

Rose gardening is a great way to add a little classic elegance to your yard and garden. Roses are actually relatively easy to grow, and don’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance. Roses are the most well known and beloved flower in the world.

They’re not only beautiful, but they have many practical uses, too. They have been used for ages to treat all sorts of ailments. They’re also used to making perfumes, and for flavoring baked goods and confectionery.

The tannin contained in rose petals can be used to control bleeding. An infusion of rose petals can be used to treat diarrhea. Rose oil and rose water are an ancient Chinese remedy for colon and stomach issues. Roses have been an important part of medical history.

Roses belong to the same family as plums, apples, and almonds. They are of the family Rosaceae, and the genus Rosa. There are thousands of varieties of domestic and wild roses, and they come in a rainbow of colors.

Although hybridizing has created all of these thousands of beautiful varieties, it has unfortunately caused many rose varieties to become weak. When certain features are enhanced, others can decline.

Today’s roses are often less resistant to attack by diseases and other pathogens. This means you’ll have to keep an eye on these weaker species, so you can take action if a problem arises. The oldest known roses lived about forty million years ago.

Rose fossils were found in Colorado in the United States that date back about that far. They have been growing naturally for millions of years in most of the northern hemisphere.

They grow wild in the United States and Canada, Egypt and India, and even in Siberia! They do grow in the southern hemisphere, but they don’t seem to be native to that area.

Roses have been cultivated by ancient Egyptians and Chinese, as well as the Grecians and Romans. It is believe the Romans might have brought roses to England and France, and they were being cultivated there by the 15th century. They were then brought to the Americas by sometime in the 16th century.

Roses can be used for a lot of different purposes in your yard and garden. You can use climbing roses to accent fences, walls, and arbors. Rose bushes can make beautiful accents for lawn edges and corners, along the front or side of your house, and around the mailbox.

Certain types of roses can be used like hedges. They can also be planted in a large area to create and entire rose garden.

If you grow long-stemmed varieties, you could earn a bit of extra money by selling your roses. You could sell them on your own at flea markets, shop meets, or farmers markets. You could also sell them to flower shops, but you’ll probably make a lot less money from them.

Flower shops usually pay wholesale prices for flowers. But if you sell directly to individuals, you can make more per flower. Still, selling to a flower shop is probably more stable money. Choosing the varieties you wish to plant will probably be difficult.

There are so many to choose from, it may be very hard to narrow your selection down. Just remember to stick to a color theme. Don’t plant blue roses with pink and yellow roses. Stick to colors that mesh well.

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