Awesome Garage Doors Makeover Ideas

Garage Doors Makeover Ideas

Garage Doors Makeover Ideas
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If a stuck, noisy garage door is slowing down your days, and your car safety is another major concern, your garage door system needs a makeover!

Years of use and abuse can affect your residential garage door’s aesthetics and reduce its overall efficiency to half. Luckily, there are quick and stylish garage door makeover ideas that will enhance both the curb appeal and future value of your home.

1 Improved Security and Energy Savings with Steel Garage Doors

Today, you can give any home type a quick garage door makeover. An array of styles and designs has made it a few-minutes job to find a smart and compatible look, from traditional and cottage to contemporary!

If your attached garage is facing forward, choosing an appropriately styled garage door is particularly important. And when it comes to improving security and energy saving, steel garage doors having sandwich construction will be the best option. These garage doors come with polystyrene insulation between quality steel skins, measuring 1-3/8-2 inches.

2 Elegant Carriage House Garage Door

One of the best ways of setting your home and garage door in absolute harmony is to choose the latest double garage doors (insulates-steel) and imitate the face of your home!

Most designs come with elegant arch mirrors that complement the windows of carriage homes. The stylish yet strong hardware is ensures complete safety.

3 Graceful French-Style Garage Door

These doors are specially designed to go together with the arched windows of your home, giving the overall style a hefty boost. The new look gives the impression of a poised solarium at the front. One of many advantages of this type of doors is that they look more welcoming compared to plain, blank-face double garage doors, especially if the garage is facing the street.

4 Add Style with Decorative Windows Garage Doors

Garage doors with decorative windows (Southwestern-style) are greatly in fashion and demand. Inspired by double insulated-steel garage doors, these doors feature grids of small windows on the top, breaking up the solid expanse. The major highlights are decorative panels and hardware that look appealing. This type of doors was originally introduced to replace garage doors that used to be more dominant than the house itself.

5 Improved Curb Appeal with Decorative Trim Garage Doors

The idea behind decorative trim garage doors is to properly blend a single and double door with the front face of the home. The appropriate trim and window insets help serve the purpose flawlessly!

You can opt for this garage door style in your Mediterranean bungalow that has a finely-detailed façade, adding to the overall appeal.

6 The Impact of Architectural Details Garage Doors

What makes this garage door style unique and the first choice of most homeowners today is the elegant trim and color scheme. This helps your garage area match the façade of the home.

The overall design, particularly carving, keeps with the character of the building’s architecture. Compared to a plain garage door that unnecessarily exaggerates the front, this style is better both technically and visually.

7 Add Interest with Stained Garage Doors

One of the most popular garage door styles in the market, stained doors come in a highly appealing wood-stain finish. The door is topped by elegantly shaped window insets that break up the front, precisely blending with the conventional two-storey facades. The design is a perfect substitute for white doors that contrast with the exterior palette of the home.

8 Appealing Wide-Window Garage Doors

This latest garage door style features wider-than-usual windows on the garage door top. The design and make of windows is simple and blends well with the windows at the front of the house. Sober window insets help visually balance the entire façade, adding the most appropriate design-pattern interest.

While solid double-door garage doors are an equally good option for houses featuring wide windows on the façade, most of them come without windows on the top. This is the reason they fail to give a balanced appearance to the overall style of the house.

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