6 Projects that Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget

Projects that Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget

6 Projects that Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget
6 Projects that Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget

6 Projects that Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget….it is easy to feel overwhelmed with completehome remodel ideas. But you don’t always need to hire a contractor to renovate your space.

There are countless do-it-yourself projects to revamp both interiors and exteriors. Here are six smart DIY ideas to impact your home even with a small budget and no fuss.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A common problem for home owners with small houses is making the most of limited space. Lighter paint colors are often recommended to help open up an enclosed room. Another smart and relatively inexpensive trick is to use mirrors. A large framed mirror can be easily hung on a wall behind the couch or dining room table to add depth and the illusion of open space.

2. Spruce up the Yard

Landscaping can sound like an expensive undertaking. But you really don’t have to hire a personal gardener to enjoy a beautiful yard. Start by factoring in your local climate. This will help identify plants that are easy to maintain and hardy. Once the perfect plants are picked out, it is time to find them at a local garden center or even ask friends for clippings from their thriving plants. A few hours on the weekend can quickly transform your yard to provide curb appeal and give the entire house a facelift.

3. Clear the Counters

Without spending any money at all, you can transform an entire kitchen space. Simply clearing the counters goes a long ways in making the area appear more elegant and spacious. Find storage underneath counters or in a pantry area so that bulky appliances like a Kitchen Aid, toaster or Crockpot do not fill up valuable counter space.

4. Updating Entertainment

Another great way to add value to a living space is with a brand new entertainment plan. Packages like DirecTV offer tailored channels that fit your taste. Replacing cable with satellite options is another fantastic way to cut spending while keeping the comforts of home.

5. Adding a Touch of Vintage Class

Glass doorknobs or vintage door pulls can be found at antique shops, hardware stores or shabby-chic retailers like Anthropology and World Market. Replace cabinet handles in a powder room or half bath. And for classy continuity, select matching pulls for hall cabinets that carry the same theme throughout a couple of different rooms.

6. Sleek Storage

When it comes to conserving space and transforming your interiors, simple storage solutions can radically improve a home. Find a cloth shoe rack to hang on the inside of a closet door. Use storage bins that slide underneath a bed for concealed storage that can pull items off shelves and clear additional room. Organizing and de-tangling electronic cords, from lap tops to speakers and phone chargers, can also quickly improve the look of your home.

With these fantastic ideas, homeowners can transform their space with simple DIY ideas on the cheap.

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