Maintaining The Perfect Lawn

 Maintaining Lawn

Maintaining The Perfect Lawn
Maintaining Lawn

Maintaining the Perfect Lawn can be very simple and enjoyable as long as you have the time and the right lawn equipment. The following vital steps can help you towards achieving a luxuriant and healthy lawn that you will always be proud and happy to walk on:

1. Feed the Lawn

This is one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration while Maintaining the Perfect Lawn. You should always provide your lawn with the recommended type of lawn fertiliser, at the right time of the year and in the correct amount.

Lawn fertilisers are available in synthetic and organic forms. The organic fertilisers are the best. They are made from natural ingredients such as fish emulsion, animal droppings and sea weed. They are rich in nitrogen, a very important nutrient that is required by grass.

2. Water the Lawn

Water is also one of the most vital components for Maintaining the Perfect Lawn. However, you should be very careful while watering your lawn. Over-watering can drown or even suffocate the grass while less water can result into dehydration. Most grasses need to be provided with between 1 inch and 1.5 inch of water once in a week so as to maintain their healthy look. In order for you to water your lawn in the best way possible, you can use a sprinkler or in-ground irrigation.

3. Mow The Lawn at The Right Height

Another way of Maintaining the Perfect Lawn is not only by just mowing the lawn, but by mowing it at the right and desirable height. The minimum recommended lawn height is between 2 inches to 3 inches. However, if you need a lower height, you should not go below 1.5 inches. With a good height, the grass will be able to absorb enough sunlight that it requires in order to grow and develop.

Even though it does not matter the type of mower that you use, the condition of the blade matters. A dull blade can cause great damage to your lawn as it pulls and shreds the grass blades. This weakens the grass and promotes fungal growth. You should therefore ensure that your lawnmower has a very sharp blade before you start using it. A sharp blade not only cuts grass blades cleanly, but also allows you to mow faster and efficiently.

4. Aerate the Lawn

As your lawn sustains heavy-use from parking, pets and sports activities, soil compaction occurs. Soil compaction minimises or blocks pore spaces between the soil that usually hold air. This prevents the roots from absorbing water and nutrients, resulting into lawn deterioration. Therefore, in order for you to avoid soil compaction, you should aerate your lawn at least twice in a year. Aeration not only loosens the soil, but also enhances water and nutrient absorption by the roots, enabling the grass to grow and develop well.

The best way through which you can aerate your lawn is by using an aerating machine. Aerating machines can be rented from the local rental or garden centers. Before renting the machine, ensure that it has strong and heavy tines for better soil penetration.

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